News On PS Vita’s Own PlayStation Plus Coming Next Week

[drop2]Chris Howe, the new PlayStation Store and Plus Content Manager at SCEE, has said that we’ll be hearing about the much anticipated PlayStation Plus rollout for Vita in a few days.

That’s hopefully going to include cloud storage, automatic updates and – of course – free games.


Speaking in the comments of the latest Blog post, Howe confirms that we’ll be getting the first details “next week” of what the platform holder has planned for the portable console.

Howe also teases that we might see another addition to Plus this month, as part of the cool “Playstation Presents” service, that pushes previously unheard of titles our way. From his hints, it’s probably either Big Sky Infinity or Knytt Underground, both titles due from RipStone.

What titles would you like to see included in Plus for Vita?



  1. I’d like to see something like Escape plan, or any other game I don’t have yet, really!

  2. I recon it will be day one released that have pretty much stopped selling that will role out for free. But who knows. to be honest I think PS+ for ps3 is giving out so much that anything extra for the vita is a bonus

  3. I would lke to see the same features like the PS3 PS+ :

    -Cloud storage
    -Price cuts
    -Free games
    -Beta access

    And why not put all of this features in an PSVita Apps ?

  4. Gravity Rush!

  5. Howe many store managers could it take to get Retro City Rampage….

    • That would be fantastic, but I doubt it.

      As for Vita: Big Sky Infinity or Knytt Underground were announced to be also playable on Vita, so maybe it’s one of those

      • but I don’t want it free, can’t even download it for the Vita? is it even on PS3 in the SCEE territoriality?

  6. It’s an interesting one as if the freebies are vita games they’ve only got a limited selection to choose from. Can’t imagine it’ll be any real big hitters like uncharted but then again they’ll look stingy if they choose duds. Hopefully they’ll throw a decent title in to start ps plus vita off with a bang. Highly worried whatever it will be will be something I’ve already got or played but that’s the nature of the beast.

    Would be nice also if there were some decent psp or psone discounts involved too. I’d like to see something like resistance purely as I’d give it a go for free but deffo wouldn’t pay for it. Escape plan too would be nice as not played that yet. Fingers crossed for next weeks big unveiling!

    • I hope they don’t do anything I own either, though if there is one or two titles I do own I can always sell the hard copies.

  7. I’d like to see gravity rush, motorstorm RC (i know its only a fiver, but meh), maybe ridge racer and defo Unit 13, and dynasty warriors. I say ‘and’, any few of those would be nice and would hardly be stretching Sony’s profits I think.

    I do hope they are not going screw this up though, stuff us with blood little deviants, reality fighter, basically all the stuff which is cheap and either nasty or I own it (everybody’s golf)….. in other words, I hope Sony take it seriously.

    • Was thinking the same about flogging hard copies. Sadly though given the big hitters are still early in the vita lifespan I think your fears about tat like little deviants and reality fighter could be spot on. Suddenly I’m thinking with the amount of vita games I’ve got whatever is on plus this month could be wasted. But also understand that’s the way the biscuit breaks sometimes.

  8. So ideally I’d like say three biggies: resistance, gravity rush and uncharted. Two classic PSP Games say Gran Turismo and LBP. what I suspect we will get is little deviants, mod nation and escape plan. PSP wise I’m not sure we’ll get anything…

    • Happily take escape plan. Wasn’t too keen on demo but when it’s free I’d be more forgiving. Would also happily play uncharted again as was impressed with that but think its too soon for that. Please not mod nation though.

  9. There really isn’t that many games to choose from Vita. I thought it was starting in November originally, not bring announced. Ugh.

  10. Hopefully it’ll bring a firmware update with a few new features too.
    Like game folders to stack some of your bubbles.

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