Square Enix Likely To Show Off Next-Gen Agni’s Philosophy At E3

In an recent interview, Square Enix’s World Technological Director has mentioned the stunning Agni’s Philosophy, suggesting that we’ll be seeing something more on the technology behind one of gaming’s most impressive demos.

When the demo – which is real time – hit in June everyone assumed it was running on something well beyond what the current generation machines are capable of. Well, it now looks like we’ll be seeing more from it, and it won’t be on a PC.


But first, a reminder:

In the interview, a date is mentioned – June next year (and thus presumably E3) – and an idea of platform. “Something other than PC” is the translation from French, with most assuming this to mean next-gen consoles. We’re told to expect something “different”.

Whilst that’s hardly a stretch, what does take a little leap of faith is what Square Enix are cooking up. Will Agni’s Philosophy end up being more than just a tech demo, or are we just going to see the demo again but with confirmation that it’s running on PS4 or Xbox Next?

It’s not hard to see how this could end up being another Final Fantasy.



  1. Final Fantasy based on this engine as a release title for PS4 and I’ll buy one on day one…

    • This. 110% :D

    • Yes, a Final Fantasy looking like this would make part with my money on day one :)

      • With solid gameplay as well, akin to the games of old, and I’ll pre-order. XIII looks stunning, but the gameplay got way to repetitive and streamlined in the long run.

    • I’d prefer a sequel to Deus Ex for next gen :)

      • I could also live with that! :D

      • Fortunately Square Enix have more than one good studio. I’ll take both, thanks.

  2. Final Fantasy meets the Brazilian slums in the middle east. Interesting to see some sort of reboot in the summon mechanics. Looking forward to it.

  3. Day 1 buy if it is looks 2good 2 miss

  4. Don’t really care if it looks great, just hope the entire game isn’t a borefest, really needs a interesting/exciting story and characters to support it.

  5. I still reckon their saving an FF7 remake for next gen so I could imagine them remaking it on this engine and showing it at e3 as a killer app for any console they choose.

    Really liked the music at the end.

  6. Wowzers. More of this please.

  7. Something different? Like it runs on squares servers and is played through a browser different?

    • It could be an Onlive exclusive. Thats different.

  8. The reboot of FFXIV actually uses a graphics engine based off of the one used for this as they completely redid it for efficiency etc.
    From memory I think that they said that the graphics seen on the PC FFXIV aren’t too far from what they’re doing on the PS3.

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