GTA V Information Leaks Out Before Big Reveal, Second Trailer Expected Today

As Game Informer ready their world exclusive (and, presumably, at least one high ranking UK site) the gaming world waits patiently (or not) for new Grand Theft Auto V information.

However, some information has apparently ‘leaked’ out before the big reveal, and whilst we’d not normally pick up on rumours from GameFAQs, there may well be some truth to the list that’s currently doing the rounds.


The rumours suggest that there are two main playable characters. A “half American, half Puerto Rican” called Albert DeSilva, and an LA criminal called Dougie Vejo. DeSilva is 42 years old, according to the leak, has two kids and an ex wife.

Apparently the show has a Breaking Bad influence, with DeSilva being drawn into the world of crime for money.

Grove Street makes a return, although Carl and Sweet aren’t in the game, and property buying is back in too. Los Santas, based on LA, is the main large city, although there are a few smaller towns in and around the surrounding countryside.

Character customisation is there, but there’s only clothes and hairstyles to tweak – no gyms or tattoos. Car customisation is reportedly included too.

The mission played by the publication (this is apparently leaked from the Game Informer issue) is called “Alimony” – which is the mission featured in the first trailer.

Sound plausible?

In other news, the Rockstar YouTube account was updated recently, leading some to believe that they’ve uploaded the game’s second trailer which was rumoured to be landing today. If that happens, we’ll make sure you know about it.



  1. GTA and Breaking Bad are pretty much the best two things in the world.

  2. Less customisation the better. And no gyms is fantastic. All that overly micro managment BS really irritates me in games. Especially if they are important to some aspects re. the girlfriends.

  3. It all sounds plausible, but then plenty of rumors do :) After the discussion of hype a few months ago I realise I’ve just engaged too much, I’m gonna watch the new trailer when it surfaces and then go into GTA lockdown with just the preorder receipt for company!

  4. sounds great lovefist could be back as well.

  5. Rockstar have just announced the new trailer will air Nov 14th, although its noteworthy to mention that the GTA V gameinformer issue is out on the 8th, so I’m sure there’ll be alot of GTA V news on the 9th.

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