WeView Verdict: Dragon’s Dogma

Once more it’s Monday and once more it’s time for the verdict of last week’s game. That’s right, I couldn’t come up with a witty intro this week. The weather’s turned bitterly cold and, as a result, I’m grumpy. Lets push part that though, difficult as it may be, and take a look at just what you thought of Dragon’s Dogma.

First time WeView participant Louise went into the game in quite some detail, writing one of the longer comments in the sordid history of WeView comments. She quickly confessed to being “a sucker for fantasy-like games,” so it should come as no surprise that she “really, really, REALLY enjoyed Dragon’s Dogma.” Three reallys? That’s a whole lot of enjoyment.

[drop]When discussing the game last week I made heavy mention of the game’s Pawn system, and it’s good to see that my comments weren’t completely out there, as Louise seems to have enjoyed it too.

She loved the ability to “raise your own pawn,” calling it “almost like Pokemon.”

She also liked the way that “when you’re exploring unchartered territory… your pawn will come out with a helpful hint, or even lead the way on a quest.” Really she wrote too much about the game for me to do her comment justice by pulling a few quotes but it’s safe to say she liked what she played.

aerobes seemed a bit more on the fence about the game though, saying that whilst it’s the “Best game I’ve played this year,” they are aware that “it’s a marmite game though and most certainly not for everybody.” They did note that if you “can come to terms with its quirks” you’ll find a great game, but that they might put some people off.

Looping back round to someone who loved the game, we come to MadBoJangles. Originally they didn’t actually enjoy the game that much, saying that “there [were] some aspects of the game that I wasn’t massively keen on.” For example, they didn’t like the way you have to make sure you have a light source if you go out after dark, although they did admit that it seems obvious in hindsight.

On the positive side though, one element that swayed them was the game’s randomness in regards to enemies, praising the way that “literally anything can happen.” They also really enjoyed the content that becomes available after the campaign is dealt with, although they weren’t too keen on the lack of co-op.

That missing element was something that put Sympozium off as well, calling it “plain laziness” and disparaging the way that you were instead forced to make do “with bad A.I that seem to rotate in limited directions.” They also complained about “the lack of variety of enemies,” noting that “having to fight bandits and goblins… all the time gets so tedious.” However, they did ultimately say that “Its a game worth playing even if it has some slight problems,” and commented on its potential on next gen consoles with more powerful hardware available.

As for this week’s verdict, Bargain Bin It and Rent It get one vote each, whilst Buy It comes out on top with three votes. As for this week’s poll we see Dragon’s Dogma and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 removed, with Prototype 2 and Resident Evil 5 taking their places.



  1. Really is a great game when you get into it :)
    Roll on the expansion!

  2. Buy it.This was one of those rare games that I played through twice,i enjoyed it that much.The ability to scale the big bosses is a brilliant touch and switching your game on to find out if anybody has hired your pawn.

  3. shopto and zavvi selling it for £15 atm.

  4. I’ll say it again. BUY IT :D

    I really liked the light source mechanic at night, because again, it made you really prepare before going out on a journey. It’s nice when a game makes you feel unnerved, when the sun goes down and the nasty beasties come out, and then your light runs out and you’re plunged into darkness. It adds that touch of realistic danger to a fantasy world.

    I will agree about the lack of variety with enemies though. There are way too many goblins in that game!!!

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