David Braben Kickstarting “Elite” Remake

David Braben is looking to Kickstart an Elite remake, a project that couldn’t be much closer to being my ideal software, the original BBC title a massive favourite of mine, as was the follow up, Frontier, a game I sank months into.

The remake, currently dubbed Elite: Dangerous (something that fans of the first game will no doubt relate to instantly) will remain true to the original 1984 classic, although will be only released on the PC, sometime in 2014.


“Elite is a game that I’ve wanted to come back to for a very, very long time,” Braben told the BBC. “It’s the sort of game that I would very much like to play today.”

£20 gets you a copy of the game, and a few other bonuses. It’ll have a heavily multiplayer focus, although will still boast a single player component. Braben’s studio, aptly named Frontier, employs 235 people in the UK and Canada.

Source: BBC.



  1. I can get a copy of the new game for the same number of pounds as the old game cost me way back in the 80s? Frankly, I feel I owe at least that much to David Braben for all the fun his game gave my younger self.

  2. Hurray.
    Dino next.

  3. Loved Elite in my youth.
    I remember waiting for about an hour for it to load from tape on my BBC B while I had my tea and did my homework then playing for hours.
    I then got a floppy drive and it loaded in mere minutes…
    Must have taken me months but I finally got to ‘Elite’… Then I got an Atari ST and played it all over again but in solid colour!!!
    Couldn’t get on with Frontier though

  4. spending hours saving for a docking computer, then crashing anyway because i used the time skip while docking, then reloading the save i just made after buying the computer.

    those were the days.

    i never played the BBC micro version, i had it on the Spectrum.

    anyway, great news, we’ll finally get the new Elite game Braben’s been saying is still coming.

  5. Tis not remake, tis new game.

  6. I’m in! Most Wanted will have to wait! The project proposal on the kickstarter site is a mouthwatering and genuinely interesting read, if you’re on the fence it’s bound to knock you firmly onto the backers side.

  7. I love this Kickstarter thing it breathes life into our once and future king….the PC ;)

    Having said that a new Elite game has been teased and then stopped so many times im not sure what to think, i just wish Geoff Crammond would jump on the bandwagon.

    • As far as creativity is concerned, indie games on the PC are light years away on the PC, beating many AAA releases for consoles. Of course, there are a few gems like The Unfinished Swam and others that are exclusive to consoles, but their amount pales in comparison to what’s available for PCs.

  8. You could say that David Braben is *dons Sunglasses* Elitist. I’ll grab my coat.

    Wonder if the fans will be happy about the focus on mp?

  9. Make it for Linux as well and I’m sold. One of my favorite games on my choice OS ;).

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