New Uncharted Game Multi-Platform, Leaked Via Ratings Board

A new Uncharted game, dubbed “Uncharted: Fight For Fortune”, has been discovered overnight on an Australian ratings website, although there aren’t a lot of details on the new game – including a genre – apart from a ‘G’ rating for “very mild impact” violence and drug use. Because of this, it’s unlikely to be a mainline, traditional PS3 title.

However, and here’s the twist: it’s listed as “multi-platform”, which is something of a surprise given the series’ prior history. That doesn’t mean that Drake and Co. are suddenly going to Xbox, of course – it’s more likely that it’s going to be spread across multiple PlayStation brand products – Our guess? The next Uncharted is for iOS, or better still: PlayStation Mobile.

Fight For Fortune is being developed by LA studio One Loop Games, who have previously specialised in mobile spin-offs, such as God of War: Betrayal and Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile.

It’s therefore highly likely that this is a mobile game, possibly for Vita (although Bend did such a great job of Golden Abyss that not giving them the job again would be a travesty) – especially as this Brazilian listing locks it down to Sony’s latest portable. Hopefully more details will appear soon on this, because it could be very interesting.



  1. Nothing like an Uncharted to really kick start PS Mobile, I doubt it’ll be very good though…

  2. Their incredible optimisation wouldn’t work so much across the range of Android devices there are, so I reckon they’d go purely for iOS, as much as I’d hate that :|

    • With PS Mobile released they simply can’t go iOS only. They are only giving PS Mobile certifications out to certain devices and I asume this certification also stands for compatibility of content.

  3. Could well be a PS3/Vita game. Not being by Naughty Dog it could also be a Vita-only spin-off like Golden Abyss; I’ve read elsewhere that the site always lists games as multi-platform when they first put them up.

    The only thing that disturbs me is the G rating.

    • Maybe PSM, but I think it will be a PSN/PSV Cross-play title… If not then just something for Vita.

      It could be anything from a puzzle game to tower defence, it’s certainly a 3rd person shooter or even an action title given its ratings

  4. Just don’t touch the uncharted brand until ps4 unless its for the vita. Uncharted mobile insulting to even think of it

  5. Update:
    Dev working on “unannounced title for the PS Vita”

  6. I reckon its ‘Uncharted – The facebook game’.

    You are expected to harvest crops whilst searching for treasure, run a mafia family whilst searching for treasure & move jewels around to make lines of the same… whilst searching for treasure (although if you are moving jewels around, maybe you already found it!) – All whilst annoying all your friends with app requests for something they would NEVER likely be interested in.

    Sounds like a success to me.

  7. Doesn’t sound like a full sequel to me, but still very exciting!

  8. Facebook game…

  9. Outed as a Vita ‘casino card game’


    • You are kidding, right?

    • No way this could be an Uncharted game, even games such as motor storm and ratchet and clank don’t get a G rating down here. The title also sounds too cheesy for an Uncharted game.

  10. This could be just as good as that Halo Doritos game.

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