Activision Imply Only One Next-Gen Console Is Out Next Year, But Which One?

Activision, the publisher behind behemoth Call Of Duty, has implied that there’ll be just the one next-generation console released next year.

In their latest earnings report, the figures spoke for themselves. In the third quarter of the current fiscal year they brought in nearly $850 million in net revenue (with $430 of that from digital sales). Activision now have no debt, and more than $3 billion in cash and investments.

[drop2]CEO Bobby Kotick said that there’s going to be a decline next year though.

“As we look to calendar 2013, we remain cautious in light of a challenging worldwide macroeconomic environment,” he said, “the ongoing console transition and difficult year-over-year comparables as a result of Blizzard’s record-shattering success with Diablo III in 2012.”

But those next generation consoles? “We can’t really talk too much about next generation console plans,” said Kotick when asked by those on the investment conference call, “but I think it’s safe to say you have a Wii U coming out and there will be another new console coming and we expect that they’ll be very successful.”

Another new console? Not two new consoles? Many assumed both Sony and Microsoft would show off their new tech this year at E3, let alone next year. Does Bobby know something we don’t, or is he just guessing? Answers on a postcard, please.

At least support is pretty much guaranteed. “We always evaluate all platforms with an eye towards being able to create the most compelling differentiated content,” he added.

“And whether it’s Facebook as a platform or tablets or mobile devices platforms, once we think that we can put our best creative foot forward and we can deliver something that’s compelling and engaging and meaningfully different and really capitalize on the capabilities of a new platform, we’ll support it.”

The PS4 is expected to be revealed at a pre-E3 event next year. We discussed what that might mean here, with many of you commenting. Does this mean that Microsoft won’t have a successor to the Xbox 360 next year? Or are they banking everything on the new Xbox Surface?



  1. I would say the ps4 but with games like the last of us, MGS, two souls coming out next year I doubt it’s Sony but then again if they are already sending out kits to dev it might be them.

    Also Acti are pretty much in MS pocket so I think it’s the next Xbox coming out.

  2. Most likely is the 720(or whatever the heck it’s called) as the 360 seems to be out of steam judging by the lack of support from MS during the past few years. There hasn’t been that many exclusives but i could be wrong. Whereas the PS3 still has some fight in it and would be risky for Sony to release the PS4 whilst it’s in it’s prime.

  3. Well this man will know. He is developing games for them. From the recent rumours you would think PS4, but then it would make more sense that the new xbox would be out.

    But then Sony didn’t want to make the same mistake as before? So, confusion prevails.

    • With Activision’s Microsoft deals (which spread from CoD to Bungie’s next project), it would be surprising if it wasn’t an Xbox3, but the rumour-mill seem to have more info on Sony’s machine than Microsoft’s, and despite it all being nothing but rumours – there’s no smoke without fire.

      There is of course the stance that there may not be too big a market for a next-gen console by next year and it could be a home equivalent of the PSVita.
      Console gaming peaked in 2008 with some extraordinary numbers by Nintendo & Microsoft, (Sony never really got going until price-cut, PS3Slim & Uncharted 2 later 2009).

      Each year since 2008 has seen declines, pretty big year on year declines too, so declines on top of declines. Loads of development studios have closed, merged or been merged and then been closed anyway. Publisher’s back fewer and fewer projects, AA gaming has all but died, even AAA games are being put on the back-burner at the expense of the strongest AAA games.

      The rise of other ways to get your gaming kicks has been staggering & a super-powerful console is overkill for many.

      Of course there’s always going to be a market for hi-fidelity gaming away from the complications of a PC, but I’m sure publishers will be wondering just how big that market will be in the future.

      • I totally agree, anyone could be making a wrong move bringing out a console next year, but I still think consoles will be here for a long time yet. Sales have decreased, but thats because of the economic climate (I hate saying it, but its true).
        If Sony can use their take over of Gaikai (cant spell it properly) then that could be a massive step in gaming, if implemented correctly, ontop of the physical games.

        Certainly interesting anyway. I agree, there is never smoke without fire. I’m looking forward to what 2013 brings for gaming anyway.

      • Complications of PC?, buy one with Discrete Graphics.
        Install Steam (or, if Evil, Origin)

        Honestly dont know how more people dont realise how simple it actually is, the bad days of 18-month upgrade cycles are almost a decade in the past.
        My old machine cost 500 in 05 and lasted to 11 so its hardly expensive for what you get.

    • Thats exactly my thought Sony would be fecking nuts to let the xbox successor be released a whole year before ps4. They won’t make the same mistake twice, will they?!

  4. Maybe we are reading to much into it…. all he had to say was ‘other new consoles coming out’ and we would be reading that the next XBOX and PS has been confirmed for next year.

    MS will be first to market as the XBOX has been out longer, sales are slowing (if only a little) and they don’t have any exclusives to make it the go to console anymore. I don’t think Sony will allow as much time to pass as they did last time so I reckon MS will launch at E3 with the console available almost straight away. Sony will announce the console at E3, Japan will get it in November with another strong showing at TGC and Europe will get it March 2014. That’s pretty much the pattern its followed in the past and would kinda match up with the comments made.

  5. It might not be ps4 or nextbox maybe ouya or steambox

  6. its clearly going to be a new SEGA console……………………

    • heresallmymoney.gif

    • New sega console?
      Didn’t they stop making consoles back when they went almost bankrupt?
      I haven’t heard anything about a new sega console.

      But I agree with those who say it could be the new ouya console.

    • Dreamcast 2 perhaps! With a touchscreen VMU that slides out of the pad! And they’re just finishing the new Phantasy Star Online too!

      I think you’re onto something!

  7. Definitely Microsoft. If nothing else the 360 is in dire need of a blu-ray drive.

    • It will supposedly feature Blu-ray like tech, but won’t be Blu-ray compatible, just like the WiiU so they have the capacity benefits but don’t need to licence it.

      They’d see it as there’s no real need, they have more content options than any other platform connected to a TV, which are all wrapped behind their revenue earning paywall & Zune Movies itself reportedly does staggering business.

      • Really what’s the point of that? Surely MS want to be the entertainment hub?

        Not supporting Blu-Ray is pointless. But again it’s rumours.

      • Because Blu-ray is just transient, it will never be as big as VHS or DVD… HD viewing on their device is done by a hundred different service providers, all behind Microsoft’s paywall and of course their own, profitable one in Zune Movies or Xbox Movies or whatever it’s rebranding too with the Win8 integration.

  8. and nobody is assuming he was referring to the Ouya? ^_^

    • It’s obviously gonna be the ouya console.
      What other next gen consoles do we have?
      There’s nothing next gen about the new xbox and wiiu. PS4 is not gonna come out next year. And the Wii U is coming out next week.
      And microsoft is already in a deal with Activision.
      Besides, isn’t “next generation console” the term everybody use when they talk about ouya?

  9. I will be abandoning the COD franchise if they FU*K IT UP EPICALLY as they did with MW3 and the ridiculous balancing etc etc. I think everyone should abandon them and teach them a lesson but sadly so many sheep!!

    As for a new console, cannot say I really care much unless it is actually going to be reasonably priced. I currently own a PS3 and Vita, 3DS, Ipad so have no real loyalty to a specific maker but am intregued as to what may come next (But only if it is not stupidly priced). I am also bored of the same old rubbish, lets get some new IP’s. Naughty Dog did it with Uncharted and looks like the PS3 swansong will be “The Last Of Us”. If it is time for new consoles, it is time for new games that are different!

  10. It’s pretty much established the XB3 will be out late 2013, and the PS4 early 2014 at best. That’s probably what Kotick is alluding to.

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