News Snatch: Text Based Shooters, Charlie Brooker And New Sonic For 2013

Charlie Brooker is to return to TV screens with a new show that has the working title of ‘Weekly Wipe’. Well, I say new, it sounds like the the same program as Screenwipe but – at last – he will now be covering games. ‘Every week we’ll be looking at TV, games, “things in the ether”, the online world, and anything and everything in-between. And if we need to pad the show out a bit, we’ll probably review Egg whisks,’ said Brooker. The show will air in 2013.


Bored of first person shooters? Why not travel back in time to the days of the text adventure and try a Text Based Multiplayer Shooter. Yep, such a thing exists although it is still in the prototype phase. You move around by typing commands like GO NORTH and TURN WEST. By typing LOOK you might find other players nearby. Turn to face them and type FIRE as fast as you can. If you hit anything, fire again, this time even faster.

It may sound weird but it’s a surprisingly large amount of fun with the added bonus that you can play it at work. Click here to give it a try.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has ‘hundreds of hours of content’ according to Lead Game Designer, Seth Killian. Unsurprisingly he hinted that there will be plenty of DLC – all of which will have their own story, “If we did DLC characters, they would have all the features that the launch-day cast would have,” said Seth.

Seven members of a top secret Navy SEAL Team 6, including one SEAL who participated in the mission to capture/kill Osama bin Laden, have been very naughty boys and have received a letter of reprimand and a partial forfeiture of pay for two months. You many remember EA crowing about how Medal Of Honor Warfighter was going to be super realistic as they had spoken to, ah yes, Navy SEALS.

The SEALS have been punished as they didn’t seek permission from their superiors to talk to EA and they also showed the games designers ‘some of their specially designed combat equipment unique to their unit.’ Oops.

Sonic fans rejoice! An interview with the head of brand licensing at Sega has revealed there will be ‘several’ digital download games featuring the spikey speedster and rather surprisingly, a new boxed game, next year.

A quick update on Curiosity: The Cube – it’s still as pointless and dull as it was yesterday.

Sony have released a rather nifty video showing how the PS Vita can act as an X-ray camera for Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. By using the Vita a second player can locate hidden treasures and tap the screen to show the main player where to go.

Rumour has it that PlayStation hero Jeff Rubenstein may be leaving Sony and will be announcing his departure sometime today. “The guy that is leaving – I ain’t gonna out the guy – he is – in my mind- brilliant, under-rated and Sony is poorer for it!” was one less-than-cryptic Tweet.

That’s it for this week, back on Monday.



  1. I wish there was a weekly gaming show on TV :( Not sure why there isn’t for. I am sure it would be a hit. Oh well.

  2. Nice to see him returning to the -wipe format, his other shows were a bit hit and mostly miss.

  3. You say ‘but now he will be covering games’. Didn’t he do just that with Gameswipe?

    • Yes, but the previous couple of words are ” it sounds like the the same program as Screenwipe ”

      So it Screenwipe + Games + Internet rather than just Gameswipe, capiche?

      • Calm down, love. It just seemed to me that the way it came across you thought he hadn’t even covered games at all before (as i’ve only ever seen gameswipe, assumed screenwipe was something about just movies or something, not a combination of things)

  4. That’s text shooter is insane, I onkly played for like 5 minutes but its so easy to pick up and play
    I can see me playing a bit more of that later in the day ;-)

    • GO NORTH!


      • Its totally mental and very weird how you can wonder around for ages and suddenly type frantically for a few seconds then hide for ages again. I managed one kill, I think thats enough for me. Great recommendation!

  5. Just had a little play on the text based shooter. That is surprisingly good fun. Wasn’t expecting much from it but its more exciting than it should be. Cheers for sharing it.

  6. Enjoying these news nuggets keep up the laughs.

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