Latest GTA V Screens Show Vast Sense Of Scale

You have to admit, Grand Theft Auto V looks like it’s going to really push this ageing generation of console hardware pretty hard.

In addition to the Game Informer preview, one outlet per country also grabbed its own scoop, and in the Netherlands it was, who have also posted up some shiny new screens showing off an impressive sense of scale (that shot with the bridge is lovely) and a fair amount of close-up detail.


Sure, those textures aren’t the best in the world, but it’s the way that you’re able to see for (literally) miles when you’re up in the air that really strikes home. And although GTA V really only concentrates on one area – Los Santos, based on Los Angeles – there’s obviously plenty of diversity between the various districts. That Vinewood sign is climbable, too, which is a neat touch.

And the shot with the jets? Lovely.

GTA V is expected next Spring. For more information check our reports on the first outing from last week, detailed analysis on the main reveal, and then some discussion around the hype that such a massive title brings with it.



  1. Some lovely pictures there. Finished Mafia 2 last night, now want to play another ‘open world’ game so gonna put the GTA 4 disc back in and play it (inbetween bouts of COD and Fifa of course)

  2. I can’t say I’m confident with either consoles running this and having it look like that but I’m more than happy to be proved wrong. Though they’re not launching the PC version alongside you can’t help think these are mostly (if not all) PC renders.

    • Wonder if the PC version will launch alongside next-gen console versions.

      • No mention of it so far (unless it’s been recently updated). Did PC owners wait for GTAIV as well? Think so. Can’t remember.

      • No word on when PC is getting it, but if it was a simultaneous release it would have the PC logo everywhere.

        GTA4 hit PCs a good half year after consoles, I believe, and then it was a horribly unoptimised experience which did not scale down well to dual core CPUs. Not as much of a problem anymore, but with the increased scale it’ll be interesting to see what the performance is like on all platforms.

      • Would be foolish for them not to as i suspect the PC crowd will abandon them if they decide to delay it for no reason and seeing as they are using PCs that have hardware specs that match the 360 and PS3, i can’t see why they wouldn’t decide to do a PC version.

      • The PC version was literally the sex… 1080p, amazing draw distance… although a 4core/8thread PC with 12GB RAM and a 1GB GPU is capable of making it work.
        Hopefully the PC version will release at the same time, otherwise it’s a case of buying it twice… again.

      • The PC version of previous GTAs released 6 months after the console version, IIRC, but as Max Payne 3 released quite soon after (and was a really good version, not a lazy port) I have high hopes for this on PC.

        Of course, they could always do a RDR and not do a PC version at all..

    • Those are not console shots, every single one is from a PC.

      • Without a doubt, Especially the street scene with the push bike….no way that quality of detail could be animated using console without time travel to next gen and beyond.
        Nice pics anyway ;)

  3. I hope we can hijack the trains seeing as they are going through the countryside and would be relaxing see the countryside whilst trying to derail it just for the fun of it.

    I wonder if the Jets will be easy to fly but a challenge to not crash into a mountain or if they will make it hard as hell to fly?

    Seeing as it’s said to be bigger then GTA4 and Red Dead Redemption combined, i really hope they will include a lot of fast travel options with the option of seeing the journey instead of it going blank. As some of us may get fed up/cba to travel from point a to point b. And i wonder if they will take a leaf out of Ubi’s book and fill it with hundreds of people as AC seems to be the only franchise that has hundreds of NPCs in the cities to date.

    Tis obivous it’s the PC version they are using to show off GTA but i suspect the PS3 will show us what it can do on a multiplatform game provided Rockstar are not doing a 360 port. Speaking of the 360, i wonder if they will try to cram it all into one disc or settle for 2 or 3 discs as i suspect the dvd format is not enough to handle GTA5.

    • You missed out GTA SA in the “bigger than” bit :D. Also love the thought of watching the scenery as you floor it in the train, waiting for the next sharp corner.

      • FECKING HELL! :O GTA4 was big, RDR was big, but combining them with GTA:SA? It’s going to be massive! :O In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if they broke the world record for largest setting in a game. :O

        I wonder if they will have more then one train active on the line in order to immerse the player? As well as giving us something to ram into whilst looking at the countryside. :D Hopefully, they will include a decent view from a first person perspective as well as being able to chuck a ton of c4 on it, cause a massive traffic jam by stopping at a level crossing, blow it up and watch the chaos that happens as a result. >:D

  4. Some nice pics there. Looking forward to getting this game.

  5. No signs of aliasing, super smooth and crisp shadows…. These shots are not taken from PS3/360, don’t think Wii U can pull this off either.

  6. Enjoying how the game seems to be shaping up, seems a bit less heavy going than gta4. Not sure about a multi character approach but if it results in more 3 leaf clover missions that’ll be great. Just want a game I can wander round in, do side missions then get stuck into the main one

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