WeView: Call of Duty: Black Ops

It’s Black Ops II release day so it seems only fitting that we step back two years and take a look at its predecessor. That’s right, in the second of today’s WeView double feature we’re going to look at Ghost Recon: Future Solder Call of Duty: Black Ops. I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the Call of Duty series in the world, but I actually liked Black Ops a lot. It felt fresh, interesting and told a story that seemed well thought out and pretty original. With so many games drawing ever closer together it was nice to play something that stood out a little.

It was Chris who faced down the game in our review, and he was clearly quite fond of it as well with the game coming in at 9/10. Like me he was a fan of the game’s story, and enjoyed the way that Treyarch used the game’s flashback narrative style to include a wide variety of locations. He highlighted the game’s river cruise level as being particularly good, calling it “akin to the Hollywood Vietnam blockbusters with trigger happy troops causing carnage in the jungles and villages.”

[drop2]He also praised the way it approached new ground for FPS titles, like the level where you fly in a SR-71 Blackbird and the game briefly becomes a basic RTS title. However, he did feel that every time it really started to break through into something new it pulled back from the brink to become a typical FPS title again, which is certainly a little disappointing.

He also found time to comment on the game’s multiplayer, which will likely have been where many of you spent the majority of your time with the game. He was equally positive about the game here, noting that it featured “more multiplayer maps, modes and customisations than ever” and pulling out the theatre mode as a great addition to the series that would allow you “to catch glitchers red-handed, providing an incentive to play fairly,” as well its obvious benefits in simply showing off your multiplayer prowess.

Although he expressed a little disappointment at the lack of a Modern Warfare 2 style Spec Ops mode, the game’s Zombie co-op more than made up for it. He also loved the feeling of value that the game gave him, with the Zork and Dead Ops Easter Eggs really adding something to the game as a whole.

The question, as always, is whether or not you agree with him? Did you feel the game was as good as he happily says, or did you feel it fell short of other entries in the series? Was the added customisation in the multiplayer all that good, or was it not enough? What were your thoughts on the single player?

If you feel like providing the answer to those questions or just your thoughts on the game in general, then all you need to do is drop a comment below before Sunday night. Remember to add a rating on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale, and also remember that you can vote on what you’d like to see in next week’s WeView in our poll.



  1. Normally not keen on COD games but I really enjoyed Black Ops.
    Good story, played well and I even had a dabble in the MP (rare for me).
    Can be picked up cheap these days so got to vote – BUY IT.

    Oh and the tv ads were amazing for it, loved the music :)

  2. Buy it! Worth it for zombies alone, but the single player campaign was really good too. Haven’t spent much time in the multiplayer mode, mainly because I was having far too much fun shooting zombies in the face! Now I’m off to shoot some futuristic zombies in the face.

    • I forgot, the zombie modes is an absolute killer.

  3. I say rent it.
    While I actually enjoyed the single player story and Cold War setting; the linear aspect of the levels & scripted events does not hold up well to repeat play throughs.
    As for the multiplayer: it is well crafted but i found it too similar to other CODs, so doesn’t make it stand out from others in the series.

  4. @Forrest i did put Buy it on mine :)

    • Apologies, so you did – It wasn’t capitalised (doesn’t have to be though), so i missed it. :S

  5. BUY IT!

    Loving the campaign and multiplayer so far, shame my hardened edition from game didn’t arrive today so had to buy it from tescos until it arrived ggrrrrr.

    Can’t wait for the double xp weekend!

    • ah just noticed this for the first blops lol

      even still…

      buy it!

  6. Black Ops emphasises everything good and bad about the series. For each addition there is a drawback and the same routine flies by in each COD game where scrutiny is very high. Thankfully for all the shortcomings, Black Ops after the initial frustration period is very close to besting COD4:MW.

    The campaign is good for a COD game. After the bloated and pretentious MW2 campaign, Black Ops brings things into a slightly contemporary field by focusing on the Cold War (some argue it still rages today). A nicely paced branching and arching storyline with some questionable flaws but still enjoyable. However as linearity goes, this is pretty linear.

    The multiplayer is for once not lazily dished out. Despite the PS3 version being plagued by issues, Treyarch released numerous updates in attempting to combat cheats (did it work? No…least they tried). Standard COD multiplayer with standard modes with subtle differences from the mercilessly paced MW series and the disappointing World At War. A nice note is the Wager matches especially sticks and stones in which with a friend split screen online can generate mass amount of girly giddy excitement.

    A co-op mode from World At War-Zombies was also included and further enhanced with only one stand out map-Kino Der Toten in which stands as a real addictive timesink. Can be done solo but with a partner in the vicinity, it stands as some of the best co-operative fun.

    As with each COD though, its shortcomings are at least consistent. Below par graphics, repetitive gunfights, balancing issues and a singular multiplayer focus with players wanting to play solo left in the dark and not compensated enough.

    It is a fun game all in all. Plenty of content and enjoyment to be had. There is still the same old noobishness and balance that plagues the series but can provide hours of addiction before boredom prevails. It is nearly as good as COD4 but not quite and as an online shooter I would recommend something more substantial like BF3. Either way, COD is generally a solid purchase pending your views and this is no different. At around the £10-20 mark, it is worth buying.

  7. Throroughly enjoyed the original BLOPS. A great storyline (which let’s be honest is rare for an FPS), rock solid gameplay and, of course, stacks of addictive modes to get stuck into.
    BLOPS2 may have trumped it now but this is still a great FPS and one which is well worth picking up. BUY.

  8. Rent it, I assume a true fan already has played it and owned it.

    I liked Black Ops a lot and played it a lot. The cold war time period was exciting setting. The single player was good and with a good plot twist. The multi player was the best and the clan I was playing with was one of the best. My specialty was clearing the skies for drones, helicopters etc. In my opinion Treyarch is the developer that does the best job for the CoD franchise. They are the most inovative. This was before I started participating in TSA-meets. I haven’t played an other CoD game since then and do not intend to. My taste has become more refined and I have gotten tired of the CoD franchise. My online gaming is now more centered around the TSA-meets, where I play a bigger variaty of games with some fantastic cool people.

  9. Buy it . It follows on nicely from world at war which was a brilliant ww2 game.

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