PS Vita Shifts Just 4,000 Units In Japan This Week

It gets worse for the PlayStation Vita. According to Media Create, the console has sold just 4,021 units in the last week, considerably down from the previous worst week of sales, as reported earlier, here. 6,000 was bad, and hardly inspiring. 4,000 is getting to the stage where Sony really, really need to do something. And quick – that’s less than 2% of all hardware shifted.

[drop2]Some perspective? The 3DS (combined figures between the XL and the regular 3DS) is 186,000. Obviously boosted by the release of the evergreen Animal Crossing, but still – the turnaround for Nintendo’s console is currently just about astounding.


The PS3 sold 18,000 units, the PSP 12,000, still three times that of the Vita. Even the Xbox 360, which has long since been considered something of an abject failure in Japan, managed just under 3,000 units.

In addition, there’s not a single PS Vita title in the software top 20. Animal Crossing moved 600,000 copies in its first week, Halo 4 nearly 40,000. It’s reasonable to assume that the Vita needs Japan-centric titles to kickstart any sales, and although the perception is that the situation isn’t nearly as dramatic here in Europe for Sony, titles like Call of Duty aren’t likely to really boost Eastern sales.



  1. maybe this system will hit its stride in the US & Europe instead. it makes me sad that Japan can not see the potential it has at the moment, PS+ offer has woke a lot of people up to Vita now imo.

    • It doesn’t even have much games that appeal to them, Phantasy Star Online 2 might gather some needed boost for it and I bet other ones too along the line.

      Well if good as the PSP series, it’ll end up being the best MP game on consoles. Imo. Can’t believe its not on Xbox or PS3 but (though I doubt Xbox would ever allow it)

  2. The problem with Sony in Japan is they feel they designed the vita to cater to Europe & states rather than cater to their home land but maybe like the psp it will pick up eventually with the right titles, monster hunt kinda screwed Sony capcom needs get out of Nintendo pocket & show some vita love or Sony release soul sacrifice ASAP

  3. Surely Sony must’ve expected this to some degree though? Whenever a decent Japanese-centric game is released it sells well and the Vita sees a hike in sales. They haven’t released one of those in a while (might be wrong about that?), as said above when Soul Sacrifice, and if Monster Hunter, arrives I’m sure sales will be much higher there.

    With the PSP still doing good(ish) numbers in Japan and (I believe) sales of Vita increasing in the West/Europe I suspect, although they would like more sales across the board, Sony will be dragging Vita as it is through Christmas/New Year and then preparing to announce a price drop sometime next year.

    Some early adopters no doubt feel burned by Vita but I think with the library of games it will have by early next year, playstation plus and (hopefully) a lower price the Vita will be a very attractive prospect.

    And also everyone I know that is interested but hasn’t taken the plunge all say the exact same thing everytime I ask them: ‘I’m getting one at Christmas’. Would be inetersted to see how many units Vita shifts over the Christmas period.

  4. Are Sony just not bothered? I really don’t understand. Although its a different region, reports like this does effect mentalities in other regions and the brand. For all the great thing regarding PS+ that Ive heard in the last few days, it’s sad to hear stories like this.

    • I agree with you in part but it’s not all bad news, just seems not all the outlets pick up on the positives. I just read an article saying that Ubisoft were really happy with the sales of Liberation (here:

      I think Sony are just trying to milk whatever sales they can at full price before dropping it.

      Also my personal opinion is that they would be mad to drop the price before it’s first Christmas/Holiday period.

      • I hear you. It’s just crazy that they just don’t seem to be supporting the console in the right way to make it a big success and not just a niche one for fans of Sony. Im still very interested in it and want to get one but I just can’t afford to get a system that I don’t have confidence in support wise. Hope they do something about it!

      • It’s great to hear positive vibes about sales for Liberation though! That news need to be pushed to the fore.

  5. The Vita games SUCK BAD!
    If the games suck, there’s no point in buying the console.

    • thanks for the great insight.

    • I disagree, i think it has some great games!

      • same the same has some great games with more on the way.

      • Obviously they only appeal to a very small proportion of the market.

    • Crazy talk! Wipeout 2048, Uncharted: GA, Unit 13, Rayman, LittleBigPlanet, Lumines, Escape Plan, Super Stardust Delta etc are all great IMO.

      I’m hoping Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation will join that list, but I’ve not had time to play it yet.

      • IMO it doesn’t sadly. It’s good, but sometimes feels a bit stale. See if it had been released after the original, then maybe, but it just feels old.

      • Oh well, Still, I’m looking forward to playing it :)

      • Yeh it is worth a play. Just bare in mind it starts very slow.

    • So liek what are you on about?

  6. Ouch. I hope Sony has a plan.

    • An ‘Escape Plan’?? Ho ho ho.

  7. It’s selling far better in Europe than Japan – for example last week it sold over 30k in europe but just under 5k in Japan.

    Basically Vita doesn’t have any Japancentric games like Monster Hunter/Animal crossing to propel sales over there.

    All the big Vita games lets face it are Western orientated.

    Funny thing is Euope is now Ps3’s AND Vita’s biggest market.

    So lets see PS4 come to euope first pleas eheheh.

  8. The retail price of the consoles and games are too high.
    The console appeals to everyone who’s a gamer, and it’s got a list of excellent AAA titles, but to buy a console and one game: £250+ and that’s without a memory stick at unbelievably silly prices.

    how many people really have nearly £300 disposable income for a second, third or fourth console?

    • Hit post before I’d finished.
      I’d love one, but I’m not prepared to fork out £170 (used) and for a memory stick @ £35

      I just don’t have the money, I don’t think I’m the only one.

      • The mobile gaming landscape has changed. I see people on the likes of iTunes complaining about the cost of Walking Dead (game) for £2.99 an episode. Keep in mind this is the full game and not some nasty cut-down version from its bigger brothers (PS3, etc). Even with Apple customers, who are historically happy to throw down serious money, we’re seeing that certain platforms and console types require certain cost structures.

        I know the more hardcore gamer (who wants something on the go) will enjoy the Vita but that means the console excludes anyone else simply on price, let alone anything else it might not do so well although that’s me just covering all bases.

        I want it to succeed. Hell, I want it to blow the competition away but the competition has learnt and Sony hasn’t.

        *sad face*

      • There are some little gems Mike, the cross-purchase on the PSN store counts for something, but obviously these are probably best described as disposable games. Games that wont make you play for too many hours and in a month you’ll barely remember them.

  9. I genuinely don’t want to see the Vita fail, but whilst Japan isn’t the biggest market by any means there are key developers who are based in Japan who could understandably decide not to make games for it. Sadly Capcom seems to be one of those companies, and when their titles are selling extremely well on Nintendo hardware there’s little reason for them to jump across to develop for the Vita.

    The worrying knock-on effect for the Vita is that if it loses a whole territory, further developers beyond those in Japan are liable to look elsewhere to develop their titles as they will target the largest audience.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 could genuinely be the title to save the Vita in Japan, or perhaps Soul Sacrifice if it lives up to its potential. As the article states, it needs Japan-centric games to succeed and these seem the likeliest candidates. Hopefully they can turn it’s fortunes around!

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