Doom With Regenerating Health, Taco Bell Ads And Blood Splats? Has To Be A CoD Version

We guess you can consider this your Friday slice of fun, even though it’s a few days old now. This brilliant video highlights just how the first person shooter genre has changed massively since the golden days of Doom, distilling everything into bite-sized, signposted chunks. A witty comment, perhaps, on Call of Duty.

If you’re unfamiliar with Doom then this clearly isn’t aimed at you, but if you’re a gamer raised on id’s coding prowess rather than Infinity Ward’s, then this will have you in both stitches (it’s hysterically funny) and tears (as you remember how great shooters used to be). Some of the jokes are brilliant, the Achievement gag probably one of the best but we’ll not spoil the rest of them.


Wonderful stuff.

It’s available to play too – for free – assuming you have the original Doom II game for PC. Check the link for Mediafire downloads but really, just watching the video on YouTube is probably enough to get most of the gags.



  1. Lmao, loved every second of that, and how timely too, seeing as I’ve just finished playing through Doom II last week, and yesterday I was playing on CoD MW, neither of which I’ve played properly in years.

  2. Green DLC required LOL

  3. Brilliant. The alarming thing is just how spot on it is!

  4. Haha, splendid. Think I preferred picking med packs up though :P

  5. That is genius! Having grown up with Doom etc, its amazing how things have changed. The Acheivements were thoroughly enjoyable!

  6. Please could you post up the first part of this parady too – it’s here:

    The ‘If Doom was done today’ video was inspired by this Quake one: . From 2:02 onwards, look how much scope there was for a ridiculously high level of player skill. The FPS genre has regressed in a lot of regards…

    For the ultimate in Quake player speed / movement, check this out – it had my gobsmacked! =]

  7. I recognise some of the bits of levels played, whoa.

  8. Very funny! Lots of déjà vu moments in there.

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