‘Make A Game You Hate’ Gamejam Produces ‘Furiosity’

The amusingly titled ‘F*ck This Jam’ gamejam is about to finish and the unique theme to the week long game designer bash was to ‘create a game in a genre you hate.’ The official website states ‘through utter ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre, beautiful things will happen.’

To help those taking part, a rather tongue in cheek ”Game Design Brainstormer’ website was also launched – you can try it for yourselves.  With just a few clicks the site had suggested ‘A passive-aggressive god game with crafting’, ‘A dubstep driven balloon driving game where eating tasty food is prohibited by law’ and ‘A casual beggar simulator with lots of various commodity icons.’

To even class 22Can’s ‘Curiosity’ as a game is stretching the definition of the word but it has inspired ‘Furiosity‘. Created by Belgian developer Bart Bonte players are faced with a two dimensional square rather than a cube but the objective remains the same as its namesake – remove all the blocks to reveal the next layer.

The twist is that tapping a single cube will not always remove the cube you have pressed. It may remove three adjacent cubes, it may remove the cube diagonally to the left or it may invert all the cubes around the point you clicked. ‘Strip away every layer of the game, not mindlessly, but by logical thinking,’ suggests Bart.

Monotony and pixelated penises are no longer a problem as Furiosity forces you to engage your brain and think about your next tap. Being a bear of very little brain I’m currently stuck on level seven, but I have only been playing for a short time, however I can tell you that the game is a million times more fun that cock covered cube will ever be.

Of course which game you will enjoy more depends on who you are. Are you a mindless automaton who will tap a screen for the entertainment of Peter Molyneux and cohorts? Or are you an intelligent creature who wishes to engage their brain to solve the fiendish Furiosity puzzle?

As an added incentive Bart promises ‘In the end, the first person to solve every level will win something possibly amazing.’ Now where have I heard that before…?

To engage your brain, click here.


  1. stuck on level 22

  2. Damn this game! cant stop playing.

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