Trailer Park: November 16th

Greetings! We have a more varied Trailer Park compared to last weeks meagre offerings, although I am thoroughly disappointed by the amount of beards found in the various developer diaries scattered about.

This week we have Far Cry 3, Hitman, Crysis 3, DmC and a very weird PC game called Incredipede, plus the usual cartoons. We also have a Gangnam Style video which I am sure you are all terribly bored of now but this one features the entire cast of Mortal Kombat and is very amusing indeed. Altogether now: Heeeyyyyy sexeh layydee!

Far Cry 3: Feature Video 1
Burn this mother down.

Black Ops 2 Glitch
A rather amusing bug that causes rotor blades to slice through the ground.

Agent 47 ICA File

Mortal Kombat Gangnam Style
Kudos to whoever made this, pretty much every Mortal Kombat character ever doing Gangnam Style and terrifying New Yorkers in the process.

DmC: Vergil’s Downfall
Dante’s brother gets his own DLC and trailer.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn -End of an Era
The Eorzean Alliance clashes with the Garlean Empire in a bid to deliver the realm from certain destruction.

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  1. I was watching Justice League Unlimited in the morning, it was shocking. People died. For a kids cartoon, it was so violent. Moar please.

    • Heck even Supergirl killed a few with a sword.

  2. Just a short comment to let you know I’m paying attention. I enjoy this section. Found a few things I never knew existed.

  3. Far Cry 3 just keeps looking better and better.. Are you guys doing a review on the game?

  4. I’m really greatfull (SP???) for Trailer Park! I’m always on TSA throughout the day on my work computer (shhh…. don’t tell anyone!) but most videos are usually blocked and I get in too late in the evening to think about loading them up, so it’s nice to get some highlights in on the weekend!

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