New PSN Store Updated To Version 1.01

[drop2]The new PlayStation Store has been updated after its launch in October. We originally said that it would get regular updates with new features, and today the Store has started a move towards that with a mandatory 1.01 update.

In what I assume will be a reasonably regular thing, when you start the Store you’ll be prompted for an update after the system has done its usual check.


And, as with all PS3 patches, you’ll be signed out whilst it updates. Version 1.01 is 26 MB in size, so shouldn’t take long.

In terms of new features though, this doesn’t actually do anything – or at least doesn’t appear to do anything that I could see. There’re no patch notes so it’s tricky to say for sure, but something like download list searching definitely hasn’t been added.

I’m still not entirely sold on the Store, I find it clunky and slow, two things an e-commerce site shouldn’t be, and whilst the latter can be blamed on my rural (read: terrible) internet connection, navigation and ease of use should still be top priority.



  1. I prefer this new psn store, long to load, but swift afterwards ^_^

  2. I hope this doesn’t become TOO regular; I went on my 360 today only to be greeted with a mandatory system update (which for some reason always downloads twice!) and another 40mb update for Netflix…BOTH consoles are guilty of terribly slow update processes, and they are usually far too frequent, too.

    • 360 updates are a mess. Just download and install, not two or three times!

  3. The Store gets patches now too?


    • Patches get patches

    • I wonder if the store will be automatically patched alongside games if you have PS+ and that enabled.

      • Yes it does.Mine updated overnight

      • Mine updated overnight as well via PS+

  4. I hate the new store, i find it a slow ergonimic mess.

    • I agree, I dont like the new store either, I find it harder to find the things I want than before, although may be down to stubborness and not wanting something new

    • Totally agree. It’s ridiculously slow to load.

  5. Wonder if it sorts out the weekend’s problems which made adding to cart & checking out problematic

    • I was using the store at the weekend, and had no problems with the cart or checking out – other than that the missus had spent most of my money (as usual), so needed to use a different source of cash. Came out of the store, changed card details, and when I entered the store again, purchased without problems.

    • I had issues with basket and checkout too during the weekend.

  6. after not being keen on the new store at first because I felt lost feels fine now & is a massive improvement.

    • It has been so “massively improved” that I go visit the store less and less, making substantial savings in the process. Improvement indeed.

  7. Well it seems to be a bit faster smoother for me since update I wasn’t too keen on new store at first but getting used to it now just still a bit confusing on store update days.

  8. Didn’t like the look of the new store, didn’t like the new store when it released, still don’t like it now. Why fix something that isn’t broke? Old store was so simple to use and navigate, new one is a complete mess for me. Actually scrap the question, nearly every Sony service is broke :L

  9. Still needs things like “New This Week” just to get back to the same functionality of the old store, let alone any actual improvements….

    • The section is miss the most, took about 20secs to view new content.
      Now its scroll along latest, manually set sort option to latest lol, scroll bk again(1 click should be enough.) Repeat same process for each category.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if sales have dropped since(cough,) improved UI was introduced.

  10. Hopefully it’ll allow to save your cart, so you can exit the store without losing it.

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