WeView Verdict: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Given the popularity of the Call of Duty series it’s not all that surprising that this was the most popular WeView in weeks. It’s also not that much of a shock that it was pretty dominant in terms of overall verdict as well, although we’ll come to that in a little bit. We’ll start this week just like every other, by looking at your opinions on the game.

Kicking things off is Moshbag, who didn’t seem all the enamoured with the game’s single player. Fortunately they found that “zombies was fun and the multiplayer was generally top notch,” with the multiplayer being good enough to recommend a purchase of the game. It wasn’t entirely love for the game’s multiplayer though, as they commented that they “really didn’t like the points system for unlocking stuff,” leading to Black Ops II only earning a rental.

[drop2]Kronik76 was also a fan of the game’s zombies mode, so much so that it stopped them investing much time in the game’s competitive multiplayer, saying that they were “having far too much fun shooting zombies in the face!” Unlike Moshbag though, they were a fan of the game’s single player campaign, although it really does seem that zombies was the focus for them.

cam_manutd was more split on the game, saying that “Black Ops emphasises everything good and bad about the series.” Ultimately they did come down in favour of Black Ops, finding that “after the initial frustration period [it] is very close to besting COD4:MW.” They preferred the campaign to Modern Warfare 2’s, which they called “bloated and pretentious”, although they did note that it’s still “pretty linear.”

They were also a fan of the game’s multiplayer, praising wager matches and the fact that Treyarch at least tried to combat cheats, even if they were unsuccessful. However, they did find some issues with the game, although they did call them typical for the series. They took issue with “Below par graphics, repetitive gunfights, balancing issues and a singular multiplayer focus with players wanting to play solo left in the dark and not compensated enough,” all of which seems a pretty reasonable assessment to me.

Like last week, I’m now going to turn to a few quick opinions. bmg_123 enjoyed the game’s single player, although they ” findmulti-player games to be too repetitive,” whilst avengerrr said it was “really built for MP.”

doomsday619 came in as a single player fan but “got hooked on the online Zombie mode” in Black Ops, and the game’s multiplayer swayed MadBoJangles as well, who is usually reluctant to dabble in any multiplayer. justboy came down a little more harshly on the multiplayer though, finding it “too similar to other CODs, so doesn’t make it stand out from others in the series.”

I think that covers the various comments on the game rather nicely, so lets move on to the overall verdict. Bargain Bin It trails the pack with a single vote, and Rent It doesn’t do much better, picking up just three. Of course both faired better than Avoid It which didn’t even make an appearance this week. That obviously leaves Buy It, which picked up twelve votes, and is the clear winner. If you’re waiting for Black Ops II to come down in price a little, then perhaps a dose of the original is in order.

Normally this is where I’d tell you about the poll but there isn’t one this week. I’m not denying you of your democratic rights here, it’s just that two games tied for first place, so the next two weeks are covered. To find out what the first is come back tomorrow.



  1. Hmm I forgot to give my opinions on this one, I usual have a comment for every week :P Anyhow agree with the score, one of the better Call Of Duty’s :)

  2. I found Black Ops very underwhelming. I couldn’t bring myself to do the campaign more than once and it all became a bit stale rather quickly. I’ll still give Black Ops II a look though. I’m a man of faith!

  3. Best COD since MW1

  4. Aside from BLOPS2 this is probably my favourite of the series. So much content :D

  5. Multiplayer sometimes bordered on the unplayable for me, hit detection and lag were awful.

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