PlayStation Launch PSM Dev Portal

Alongside the latest PS Vita firmware update, Sony have pushed live the PlayStation Mobile Developers Portal, opening up the development kits to all.


The full SDK runs on a PC, and allows you to simulate each device without having to make builds and test them on physical platforms.

Once you’ve made a game, you can submit it and sell (subject to approval) for just £65 a year, and that’s across Vita and all certified Android devices.

The first set of PSM games rolled out at the beginning of October.



  1. How about launching the service in all EU PSN countries first? Seriously, will Sony never learn?

    • Agreed. I really want to buy PSM games, but Sony won’t let me…

    • hear hear!

    • Too right! Sony just get everything backwards lately.

  2. This has the potential to be really great if sony treat it right (Like most things with sony, nowadays). I can see PSM becoming a great place to find cheap but quality games across all mobile platforms, and it would be great for developers too!

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