WeView Verdict: Resident Evil 5

The comments on last week’s WeView really did cover the full scale of emotion it seems. There were some of you who absolutely loved it, a few who hated it, and lots in between. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll waste no time in getting to your opinions of Resident Evil 5.

We’ll actually start at the beginning this week, with The Lone Steven’s thoughts on the game. He really wasn’t all that keen on RE5, calling it “a massive disappointment and… the worst in the main series.” He complained about the “large amount of QTEs,” the fact that you AI partner, Sheva, “had a tendecy to use all of your ammo up thus forcing you to use melee,” and the length, which he pegged at six to eight hours. He also found fault with the game’s final boss fight, saying it was “just underwhelming and… a bit forced”.

Firmly on the other side of the fence was LTG Davey. Despite being a long time fan of the Resident Evil series, they actually enjoyed 5’s switch to more action based gameplay, saying that the game is simply “a lot of fun, especially when played with a friend.” In fact they enjoyed it so much that it’s become their most played Resident Evil title. They did admit that the game’s controls can take some getting used to but found that they “don’t really take any enjoyment away from what is ultimately a very solid third person adventure.”

Sticking with the controls for a moment, it seems tonycawley doesn’t share LTG Davey’s opinion of them. He called the game’s controls the “Worst. Controls. Ever.” and was seemingly incredibly frustrated by them. Putting it simply, they pointed out that when “I’ve got 30 zombies running at me, for a start zombies don’t run, well known fact, but if they could, I’d certainly want to be able to move around while I’m aiming my gun at them.” I suppose tonycawley’s experience really does show how one element can completely ruin a game.

tactical20 also wasn’t in love the game, saying that “it’s the only Resident Evil game I’ve ever played and it’s put me off for life.” Ouch. MadBoJangles also didn’t have a lot of love for the game, calling “waaay too clunky for my liking,” and remaining unimpressed on their second playthrough of the game via PS+. FalconRedux found more to like though, saying that whilst Resident Evil 5 isn’t “survival-horror, nor is it an amazing action game” it is “greater than the sum of its parts” and great fun “with a human partner in the same room.”

blackredyellow had similar things to say about the game’s co-op, although they were talking in an online sense. Whilst they didn’t really enjoy their first playthrough of the game, they found that playing with a friend who was good at the game helped them out, and made the game more enjoyable. I may take that advice on games generally.

Now, onto the verdict. Avoid It came out bottom with two of your votes, and Buy It didn’t do much better, only managing to pick up three. Next was Rent It, which managed to garner selection from four of you, but coming out on top with six votes was Bargain Bin It.

Now for the poll. Remember, you’re voting for next week’s game, so you’ve got until Sunday to get your votes in. Resident Evil 5 and PixelJunk Eden were tied for the top spot last time round, so they’ve been dropped and replaced by Skyward Sword and Asura’s Wrath. Remember to vote!



  1. rent it!

  2. i wonder if steven knew, when he was playing the game, that u can turn off Attack Reaction so Sheva doesn’t become so trigger happy! :P

    • Is that what that meant? Never could work out what they meant by “Attack Reaction”, I figured it was just a fancy way of them saying “Friendly fire damage”.

      • Yeah, i never figured that one out either. :S

    • What? what!? WHAT!? *keeps repeating this and is commited to the ayslum, is found several years later still repeating. Steven dies at the age of 90. His last word was what?* :op

  3. I loved Resi 5 and Sheva is a great character.

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