EU PSN Sine Mora Customers Still Awaiting Refund On Faulty Download

The understanding amongst us will note that a company serving millions of customers across dozens of territories is likely to see the odd hiccup every now and again. Those who bought PSN shooter Sine Mora last week from the Store will be less understanding, no doubt.

It’s not so much that the version sold was actually a demo and that customers had spent twelve quid on something that should have been free, it’s more that, six days later, nobody has been refunded (to my knowledge) and that those affected are still unable to actually get the full game.

[videoyoutube]It seems that the download was faulty for about six hours, according to emails from SCEE’s customer services I’ve seen. Oh, and it shouldn’t have been £11.99 – the price was changed to its correct rate of £7.99 after four hours of being on sale last Wednesday afternoon.


Frustratingly, those emailing customer support are told to call instead, regardless of how much information has been offered up already. Presumably a security thing, but calls to SCEE’s 08- line aren’t cheap. One post on the main forum thread about this says they’ve already racked up £3 in calls – a reasonable percentage of the price of the game.

Customers are being told refunds will be in their wallets within two days, although that mantra appears to have been the case since last Friday. I don’t know if people are getting refunds, but if they are it’s certainly not everyone involved.

And whilst £12 might not be that much for some, remember that anyone who got the faulty download initially still can’t actually play the game unless they buy it again – they’re unable to download the game with the same PSN account as it just doesn’t proceed past the demo if re-downloaded.

Likewise, in these cases, the PS Vita version doesn’t work past the trial period.

The game is, obviously, OK to download now.



  1. Sounds similar to the situation when Little Big Planet was released on the Vita.

    Sony ballsed that one up too, although they had it fixed inside a couple of days.

    They’re obviously slower when it’s not the biggest game on the Vita being released, which is no excuse.

    Care (or at least appear to care) about your customers, you’ll go a long way.

  2. the rigorous scee QA strikes again.

    considering it took three or four months to get a refund for the christmas pick and mix minis screw up last year, and they never actually got round to ever fixing the problem so if i did actually want to rebuy any of the games i chose it would be impossible on my main account, i can’t see people affected by this getting their money very quickly, though as usual i hope i’m wrong, and when they do they may be unable to ever rebuy that game in future, should they feel the risk is worth it.

    it’s funny, the LBP screw up was fixed quickly, despite “only affecting a small percentage of people” yet the pick and mix thing affected 100% of people who bought those titles, yet it took months to get a refund and they just gave up on ever fixing it.

    i guess that issue wasn’t high profile enough for them to actually put the effort in to fix it.

    • LBP’s a top tier, highly marketed game though. I’m not excusing anything, just suggesting that they’ll obviously focus where most appropriate.

      I hope refunds are done “in a couple of days” as promised. I’m tempted to think it might be longer.

    • I never even got a refund. Had 3 separate issues with the PSN, and not one of them was ever resolved. The customer service is absolutely abysmal.

  3. £3 is ridiculous, if a person does get their money back it is still a loss???

    Bah these are the things I dread about these companies. I hope the guys out there who were overcharged get there money back anyhow.

  4. This is nothing short of a telephone scam by Sony.

    0844 numbers are proft making for the company that uses them – they share the proceeds of the call with the telephone company.

    So, when Sony mess up on Sine Mora, All-Stars beta, Little Big Planet, Killzone Liberation – just a few of the Vita store download releases that have had problems in the last month – they profit by asking customers to phone them to sort the problems out.

    When you do phone, they never sort the problem out. Instead they ask if you mind being put on hold for a minute and eventually ask you to call them back in a few days if nothing has been fixed.

    Honestly, I feel so let down by Sony after the way I’ve been treated and the general attitude of the company towards customers stinks.

  5. I’m having a similar problem with Page Chronica. The game was out for a few hours. I bought it, it was taken down because it wasn’t supposed to be out and crashes upon starting. SCEE did not reply. The game company took 2 weeks until they said my email was in their junk filter and replied saying the game is due out tomorrow (no news on the game since) and to just redownload again then. I’m sure I saw monkeypaw saying earlier in the week Tomba 2 is broken and should never have been released and when people were tweeting them they didn’t even know it was out!! What on earth.

  6. I think it was this number I used during the hack to speak to customer service folk, it’s a local rate so comes off your minutes if you use your mobile, hope that helps someone… 0207 8595000

  7. I thought games weren’t released because their QA was too strcit and then things like this happen…

  8. What is going on with the store? I bought Time Machine: Rogue Pilot this week, only got the unlock code, searched and searched for the trial but each time it would only download the 6kb unlock file and not the game. Posted on the Playstation forums and someone helpfully suggested either i trawl through my download list or create an alt account to try and grab the demo that way. The only official response i got was that that might work..
    Thankfully it worked but there must be some serious glitch with the new store that blocks access to some demos once you’ve purchased an unlock code.
    I had the same issue with Cubixx HD ON PS+.

  9. Downloads always tend to get screw up and it happens often. I mean, even the Store is a nothing but a mess. Few DLC aren’t even available. *sigh* SCEE and it’s uselessness.

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