Insomniac’s Fuse Gets Rather Bland Boxart

[drop2]I like Insomniac. I’ll happily replay all the Resistance series (yep, even that one) and I still think Ratchet and Clank has a future despite the developers latest couple of swerve balls.

I thought Overstrike was an interesting idea, too – lots of character and an interesting art style for a genre that normally sees the same old thing recycled on an annual basis.


When it changed into Fuse, I – like lots of people – weren’t really sure what was happening, but over the last few weeks various playtests and previews have hinted that it might not be all that bad after all.

And then Insomniac show us the boxart. It’s there, to the right. I’ve not cropped it badly – it really does have all their heads chopped off and seems to focus mostly on the floor.

Orange floor.

Even the logo just seems lazy. Game Informer have the boxart for Overstrike alongside it – well, underneath it – and the difference is massive.

One looks quirky and interesting, one just looks, well, bland.

I wish Insomniac well, I think they’re a hugely talented group of people with some really nice IPs under their belt and stacks of fans, but this just feels oddly wrong.



  1. It genuinely looks like they forgot about the banner at the top when creating the box art.
    The Overstrike box art looks slightly more cartoon-ey, I do prefer the Fuse one as what you can see of the characters looks far better.

    • Really? It now looks like every EA annual FPS-fest. To me, at least.

      • Yep, exactly what I was thinking too. It looks a near carbon copy from BF3, well sort of.

      • I was thinking it actually reminded me of Mass Effect as it goes. The more boring version of Mass Effect.

  2. A yawn is the only appropriate reaction.

    Although I have to disagree with you on the Overstrike box art- it’s as bland, if not worse.

    Two shocking box arts, are we sure they’re not placeholders?

    • I agree. The Overstrike box art is as bland as this one. The only difference is that one looks gritty and mature while the other one has a cartoony style to it.

  3. I dunno about bland, i’d just say very odd. I guess they’re trying to focus on the Fuse itself? I’m not sure but either way it doesn’t look right. It doesn’t really matter i suppose.

    • It really does. Box arts are surely important when they’re all on shelves together.

      • I’m just not too sure that people still buy games based on their boxart and blurb anymore, do they? They probably do

      • I do – If i am out shopping with the wife & get myseriously drawn into game as i always do, i’ll quite often pick up a game & have a gander due to the boxart.

        I am pretty clued up these days on whats out & what isn’t, but that doesn’t stop me from looking! It’s generally the price that dictates whether i purchase or not (as it has to be justfiably cheap).

      • If you wandered into GAME and saw some boxart that was seemingly incorrectly cropped, you know you’d have a look. Ya see, they’ve got good reason for this weirdness.

  4. Both look pretty dull. That said, Black Ops 2 has horrible box art and that is no indication of the game or its potential sales, so why should this. Moot point anyway, it is definitely going to be a commercial flop!

    • That’s true, but people who bought Black Ops 2 wouldn’t have been looking for box art, just three words – Call Of Duty.

      For some people as soon as those words are spotted, money is on the table.

  5. Well it looks better, but it’s hardly getting me going lolz.

    @gazzagb yeah I agree, looks like someone forgot to shrink image or something. As someone who has studied media can’t say they are doing themselves many favours with the box art; seems to lack even the most simplest of photography/framing conventions which help to lead the eye and create an image that is visually attractive.

  6. With no lead characters or protagonists to be interested in, Fuse looks so generic it’s shocking. No wonder they’ve cut their heads off. They haven’t taken the time to design anyone interesting.

    • I reckon you have hit the nail on the head. What I think Insomniac did right with the Overstrike video was that they made the characters interesting and amusing and put them front and centre. When they changed to Fuse they put the characters in the background and made the MacGuffin the focus. And it is really hard to care about a plot device at this point.

  7. Looks shit awful – If that was on the shelf in a retailer & I was browsing, I doubt I’d even pick it up to see what it was about

  8. Get der heads back.

  9. I don’t care about the boxart – what’s the game like? If it’s good I’ll buy it, if it’s crap I’ll stay away.
    I never buy a game based on what the thing looks like on the shelf – I always read reviews and make up my mind what I’m going to buy before I enter the shop.
    I guess there’s people who browse and impulse buy but surely they’ve got some background knowledge of the game they’ve just picked up in store?

    • Same here. I don’t go to a store to buy games. I order them from the UK. Gone are the days when I browsed shelves and looked at the back of a box because I liked the picture on the front. Nowdays I specifically look for games that I’ve read about while browsing TSA or other game sites.

    • The amount of people I see turning over a game to read the back suggests that – yes – people will buy a game if it sounds good in the blurb and those tiny screenshots look ok.

      If a game’s front is poor, then how many of those people will even bother to turn the box over and read the back?

      • Oh I always pick up the box and have a read of the back of it – no idea why cos I know whether I’m going to buy it or not.
        It’s probably just 30 years of habit – back in the day when there wasn’t TSA to give me informed and unbiased reviews on games.

  10. Generic art for the worlds most generic shooter.

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