Batman: Arkham City For December’s PlayStation Plus Update

It looks like Batman: Arkham City is coming to PlayStation Plus next month, with the December update apparently landing on the 5th.


The news comes from – of all places – Hot UK Deals, via this Italian site – but it seems genuine enough to us, and confirms (if you will) our earlier story that LIMBO and Vanquish will be added to the service as part of the Instant Game Collection.

Other goodies highlighted by the post suggest a 20% discount on Ace Combat Assault Horizon, a 10% discount on F1 Race Stars, a 20% discount on Sorcery and a 20% discount on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, if the list is to be believed.

By all accounts Arkham City is a great game, so hopefully this turns out to be true. Obviously this is European news, no word on whether SCEA have secured the same title.

PS Vita titles to be confirmed.



  1. Awesome, I’ll look forward to playing this over christmas at work. Can’t wait to see what Vita goodies we get.

    • I’m actually relieved when it’s a game I don’t want to play, since I have a huge backlog of games I chose to buy! Luckily PS+ is worth the money for the discounts and cloud saves alone! That said Vita might be great for PS+ for me, as I haven’t actually bought many games for it of late.
      Did you borrow (and finish) the first game from SwedishRyan?

  2. Great game. Hope the dlc is cheaper with the update. I’m pretty sure sorcery and maybe tekken are already 20% off

    • Yeah i saw Sorcery with the plus discount last week.

  3. Blimey. Hope this is true. Quite enjoyed A/City. Plus thats another 3D game in the collection :)

  4. Holy awesome offers Batman! If this is true I will be very happy, I’ve been waiting to pick up the GOTY edition, but this and ideally some cheaper DLC is just the ticket!

  5. PS+ is unreal.

    I’m struggling to see what Sony get out of it at this stage though, unless they enjoy me having too many games to play.

    • Surely its becoming a loss leader for them with that many people to pay from a relatively small amount of money.

      Perhaps Sony want to get people used to paying for software as a service, because/ 1 day that how almost all games could be delivered… Imagine Gran Turismo, Uncharted & Killzone multiplayers being a PS+ service…
      Plus there’s Gaikai to consider & how Sony want to introduce that service to users & monetise that $380m purchase, keep in mind they’re still raising money to pay for its buyout… Will it be a way to get PS3 games on a PS4, or PS4 games on a Vita? Who knows, but I’m sure Sony need people to be paying them annual/monthly fees over the mid&long term.

      • I think the loss is nothing or almost nothing.

        When you individually can buy a new disc copy of Vanquish for example, for 10 right now, how much money you think Sony will pay per copy when buying instantly more than 1000000 virtual copies for all PS+ users?

        The offer is great for us but it is games that are “out of fashion”, meaning almost dead in the market. And when one of your products is dead it is a great deal to grab some extra money. Not to mention the advertisement to titles like for example DarkSiders where I think it greatly increased the sales of its sequel.

  6. Aww! it was only a matter of time before there was a game I already owned. ;-)
    Although, a good discount on DLC might just entice me to spend a few of my christmas dollars for some further enjoyment

  7. PS+ had become a better feature than expected. Now what they should do is remote play all plus games with the vita that would even make it plausible

  8. Blast! I’ve already bought it, and not really got very far. I also have Limbo, so it’s just Vanquish for me…

    • I’m kind of in the same boat as it goes – I have Arkham City & Vanquish.

      Still, i have wanted to play Limbo for a while now, so may still be a good time to use my free trial.

  9. Not played either of these three games and was never much intereswted in doing so, but I find the beauty of Plus is playing, and finding that you grow to love, new games you never would have played.

    I love playing Motorstorm Apocalypse now on the PS3, and am enjoying Gravity Rush on the Vita. And although I know that none of this is technically free, the annual £40 fee is almost immediately forgotten and it actually all FEELS free!

  10. Arkham City is easily one of the best games I have ever made. I hope they keep making them because it has become one of my favourite franchises. If you can call it that! Also more ps+ for vita please !!

    • You made Arkham City?? Kudos! :D

      • Haha, made me chuckle!

        But well done to Sony for this. Looking forward to re-playing this :D

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