Futurlab Show Off “Surge”, Their New Vita Game

Futurlab, the indie devs behind Velocity and two of PlayStation Mobile’s launch titles, have shown off their next game – Surge – for the first time.


It’s described as an “electrifying match 3” game and a recent playtest – once we got the hang of it – pointed to it being their best game in the trio so far.

You have to drag lines between blocks of the same colour, opening the vents at either side of the screen to increase your score multipliers.

It’s out worldwide in two weeks.



  1. Not sure whether it would be a game for me but that looks utterly wonderful, recurv. Best of luck with it. It deserves to do well.

  2. Looks good. Shades of Meteos which was a great ds title. Concerns that my chubby fingers may lose accuracy and therefore points but we will see!

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