Fake Listing For Xbox 360 Version Of Metal Gear Solid 4 Appears

[drop2]Hell has frozen over. A bit like that level in Metal Gear Solid 4, then, which has just received a boxart for the Xbox 360 version. Yep, the Xbox 360 version. Crazy days.

The previously PS3 exclusive title appears to have a 25th Anniversary edition pencilled in for the 360, courtesy of this New Zealand retailer via OXM, who aren’t entirely sure either.


We wouldn’t read too much into the description, regardless – it’s all pulled from the PS3 version. “MGS4 pushes the power of the PLAYSTATION 3 to its limits with cutting edge graphics and surround sound,” it says.

“It also aims to be the hallmark title for the new DUALSHOCK® 3 controller,” aw, nostalgia.

Chances are this is entirely fake.

Update: yes, this is a mistake, as confirmed by the retailer on Twitter. “Fake” added to the post title to reflect the updated information.



  1. Would have been funny if real because it would come n about 6 discs haha

  2. I doubt MGS4 will be released on the 360 due to it apparently taking up an entire blu ray disc. That’s probably a few discs for the 360 and they would have to spend a few months sorting it out as well as optmising it for the 360 due to the amount of PS3 and Apple references in it. In fact, would MS even allow the Apple reference or demand that they use Window 8 PC in the nomad?

    Plus didn’t Kojima say that it tapped into 33%-40% of the PS3’s potential and was designed to handle the PS3’s unqiue structure? If so then i can see the 360 port having problems if they decide to do it. And i don’t believe they will do a 360 port due to the amount of time and Konami will view it as not worth the effort.

    • “taking up an entire blu ray disc.”

      LBP took up 40GB… it was a 2GB download – you should know by now that games only take up a Blu-ray’s space, because the space is there! Things like sound & textures aren’t compressed and because of Blu-ray drive’s slow speeds means those textures need duplicating all over the dsic so they can be accessed quickly.

      There are tons of PC games which carry far, far higher resolution textures than PS3 games but take up a fraction of that kind of space – We’re just seeing this past year or so, games which can’t fit in the Xbox 360’s 6.8GB of available disc space so a game released much earlier in the gen like MGS4 could easily fit in that space if the developer needed it too.

      Because MGS4 is so cutscene-intensive, they’ll be tons of that space being taken up by the audio which hasn’t been compressed as there’s no need because the space exists.

      % of power is a pointless this to say too – because you can always revist what you’ve done and do it a new, better way – in short it’s just PR crap.

      I think it would be worth there while doing one as people say its a really good game and one that would appeal to X360’s core base, I presume some kind of exclusive deal or potential bad-PR is preventing them from doing so.

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