PSN Down For Maintenance Next Monday Afternoon

We’ve not had much downtime recently, but the PlayStation Network will be down for maintenance next Monday – the 3rd of December – from 4pm in the afternoon.

The downtime will last until 1 in the morning.


However, it’s unlikely to affect your ability to play online assuming you’re signed in before it all kicks off. That said, even if you’re online on your console the following will still be unavailable:

  • PlayStation Store
  • Account Management
  • Account Registration

This means if you’re taking place in our Call of Duty TSA Meet or the Max Payne 3 TSA Meet, make sure you’re connected well in advance.



  1. Don’t forget PS Home since it’s part of PSN too.

  2. Excellent News:D

  3. I so rarely play online that I doubt I’ll even notice

  4. It’s been a while. I was being to think they had forgot about screwing up our TSA Meets.

    • One day Sony will announce that the PSN needs no more downtime due to it being perfect. Sadly, they’ll no longer be building consoles and we will have long gone. Still… a man can dream!

  5. *Sigh*

    Doesn’t matter if you are signed in before the maintenance or not for Max Payne – The online simply refuses to connect during maintenance periods… & they are always of a Monday these days.

    Ergo, Max Payne on Monday is now off.

    Is it actually possible to remove meets once they are put up – I know i can’t but can a mod or site admin? Would rather people didn’t sign up to avoid disappointment if possible.

    Not that anyone usually does sign up apart from zerka & sometimes onlineassassin of course! ;)

    • Well I was thinking the exact same as you then. Bloody annoying that is.

  6. Cross-Singstar-Chat? woof woof :P

  7. HA! I won’t even have any access to the internet so it doesn’t affect me. Take that SCEE! Oh and the mandatory cross game chat etc…

  8. aahhhhh lol just got a new 1tb hdd so got to download over 1100 items(well some are demos that wont be getting downloaded! which is gonna take me a week as is

    ah well never mind!

    ……looks forward to batman on ps plus!!!

  9. i’ve never known so much maintenance in all my days…
    been a 10 year subscriber to xbox live and apart from the odd update never been down as much as the psn is!

  10. was that even English i don’t know ?

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