What We Played #81: Planetside 2, Bastion, Skyrim And Waiting For PS Vita

Just a short one for you this week.  Rumours that it’s because we’re all out Christmas shopping buying family and friends games that we know they won’t want but we do are totally unfounded and we don’t condone such behaviour.

Aside from my usual Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2 online sessions I’ve actually been playing with my PS Vita a little.  Old favourite across many platforms, Plants vs. Zombies, has probably seen the most action but Treasures of Montezuma, Fuel Tiracas and Treasure Park have also been exercised when time is short.

[drop2]Both Treasures and Treasure should be great for filling those odd two minutes of time that you find yourself with.  However, I find that by the time they’ve loaded, the PS Vita has started its wireless connection, PSN has been logged into and all the resulting “Please Wait” dialog boxes of various sizes have done popping up that those two minutes have long since passed and I’m running out of time to actually play the game.

It all takes too long when you’re trying to grab a moment’s gaming while you have it and those big grey screen-filling system dialog boxes are too ugly.

I’m not the only one with something to moan about this week as Chris has had an interesting time getting his game on too:

Grabbed Sony’s Planetside 2 from Steam, the 10GB download took quite a while and when I downloaded it, I couldn’t sign in. The Steam download version required a Sony ‘Station’ login, but wasn’t accepting my details because here in the EU a ProSieben account was required for Sony titles…

This left me stuck in a URL redirect loop, with the 10GB game I’d downloaded not compatible with either of my login details as the Steam download only accepted ‘Station’ login details. Not having any more spare download allowance for the month I was pretty angry. Some people weren’t being faced by this problem though and I managed to get in without having to wait to re-download it with the help of JamboGT signing me up.

I’m not really sure what’s happening in the game though, other than I’m dying a lot. Perhaps I should watch some tutorial videos? It seems good though.

Sounds like it might need a tutorial video just for signing up!  Aran has completed Shadows of the Damned and while he enjoyed it he feels that the last part was just a little too easy after the build-up throught he rest of the game.

He’s still eager for a sequel though having really liked the game’s environment.  All he’d change is to “tone down the objectifying of women a little”.

Having picked up Bastion for a bargain 600 Mickey Mouse Points in Xbox Live’s 10th Anniversary sale he commends pretty much everything about the game “from the style, the music and the gameplay”.  Near the end already he’s just trying to wrap up the Vigil challenges.

Tuffcub brazenly admitted this week to having piles.  Piles of unfinished games that is, a problem he’s certainly not alone in having.  He’s making a concerted effort to “doggedly plough through them”.  He made a schoolboy error though, the game at the top of the pile was Skyrim.  How’s it going?  “78 hours and counting… *sigh*”.

Are you trying to do something about your piles so they don’t trouble you over the holidays?


  1. Fortunately I’ve not had a case of the lever arches, but have indeed built up a pile of games to play which I’m currently working through (much the same as the last few weeks) which are: AC3 (reached level 20 to finish all the online trophies); Blops2 multiplayer (meet was great fun, and I believe we were unbeaten); and some FIFA13, LBPV and MW2 Spec Ops missions (helping cam_manutd get all 69 stars).

    The FIFA13 online Pro mode is bloody fantastic – what with FUT too, I never thought it possible for a footie game to have such varying game modes – tres bien!

    I purchased Dishonored this week, so that’ll get started shortly after Hitman. I’m still yet to finish off The Walking Dead which I’ll hopefully get done this weekend. I may also get a bit of Dead Space Extraction done this evening.

    • Oh, and I had my first Vita crash – App icon’s hung and didn’t open; keyboard didn’t show in browser or when entering unlock passcode. Not happy, and I’m blaming the latest 2.00 firmware as it never crashed or had problems beforehand. Bad show Sony.

      • Must be something to look forward to. Never had a vita crash and I’m on it every day

      • Mine does it all the time mate. Get the BLOD on a semi regular basis and the touch screen stops working a fair bit too

      • I’ve had mine since Feb and never had it crash, then I use it for the first time since the patch and auto-downloads, and several things so wrong before it finally crashes :(

      • I’ve had more crashes since 2.00 than all the months before. Hopefully 2.01 won’t be too long.

      • I’ve had three or four crashes before, had it since 2 weeks after launch and play i nearly everyday. Hasn’t happened for a few weeks though.

  2. Finally after a year platinum God of war one, challenge 10 has to be the most hardest challenge ever in GoW series.

    Been playing a bit of dishonored this game is everything fallout could be if done right amazing. On vita trying grind to find bounties to plat UCGA but it’s hard

    • Not really getting the association between Dishonored & Fallout there if i am honest.

      Massively, massively different games. In fact, i am struggling to find anything similar about the titles at all tbh. :S

      • No I don’t mean they are the same, I’m just saying if fallout was bug free, it would be as smooth as dishonored also there is some fallout reference I would say like the sewers but that’s it, I’m not that far in the game, I just escaped u know where lol

      • Ah i see – With you now. :)

        Bear in mind that Bethesda are only the publisher of Dishonored not the creator though, so any similarities in bugs with regard to Fallout would be purely coincedental.

        If we are talking similarities to other games though, i would say its very much a hybrid of something like Bioshock & Assassins Creed. What i have played so far has been great (& as you say, bug free thus far).

      • Only the games that Bethesda themselves develop are buggy pieces of laggy hell. If they are publishing it, then there is little to no chance of it being a bugfest. Unless its using the same engine as TES or Fallout.

    • Well done on the GoW plat mate. I’ve never played them but Ive heard the challenges can be a bitch

      • Thank you & I recommend playing them if you want break a few controllers ha

  3. AC:3 is keeping me busy with all the side missions. I think I’m pretty close to finishing the main story then I’ll start the online multiplayer.
    I really do need to have a go at playing some of my PS+ games I’ve downloaded but not even touched yet – Dead Space 2 will be first I think.

    • Dead Space 2 is an excellent choice!

      I’m the same, haven’t touched Machinarium, Stranger’s Wrath and a few other. Nor have I started The Unfinished Swan that I paid for.

  4. Not a huge amount of gaming for me this week unfortunately. Played a little Max Payne 3 online with a mate on Saturday, dusted off a couple of levels on Halo4 during the week and made a start on my LoveFilm’d copy of Medal of Honor Warfighter yesterday (very generic unfortunately). Oh and I picked up Sonic Adventure with some spare MS points I had.

    With a bit of luck I should be getting my WiiU today with Mario and ZombiU, so hopefully next week will be a bit more interesting :-)

  5. Ive been mainly working on my level for Little Big Planet Vita this week. The music sequencing has taken the longes as I’m a bit of a musical perfectionist. I should have it published by tonight if any of you TSAsians fancy Giving it a go. Just search “McProley”

    After last weeks disapointment of losing 2 fastest Plat times in the same day, I’ve given up Rushing for the Blops 2 Plat, but instead been enjoying the Monday meet with a few of the guys here. Much fun was had, although I’ve not collectively sworn so much with other people in a long time. Nothing says Rage like a game of CoD online.

    Tonight, Youles and I are hoping to Finish Most of the challenge trophies On Dead Space: Extraction leaving only the Impossible playthrough for the Plat which won’t be too bad.

    • I will give your level a go on LBP, I ain’t played it for a while. Looking forward to your music perfection :)

  6. Played through and platinumed Lego Lord of the Rings, with the occasional blast of Sonic Racing Transformed thrown in. My copy of Far Cry 3 arrived yesterday so I had a quick go of that, seems like it could be pretty good.

  7. It’s been mainly all Borderlands 2 on PS3 and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (Yes, I’m one of those 3 people who bought it in store) on Vita, with a bit of Gravity Rush and trying Travel Bug. Also, some Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman 2 with my son.

  8. Picked up Carmageddon for ~60p on the iPad and have yet to stop playing, brilliant port of a wonderful game although they could have tightened up the handling, i remember the cars handling like this back in the day sure but a bit of tinkering wouldnt have gone amiss.

  9. The signing-in on Vita is annoying at times alright, and worse if the game also uses near. near should operate seamlessly from within each game instead of having to switch apps. Not that i get much benefit from near, i can only use it at two work locations so even though i travel 40km each day , near only counts 1km. My Travel Bug, named Squishy, hasn’t a hope of getting anywhere fast! :/
    I tried Gravity Rush and Chronovolt and haven’t warmed to either of them but that’s ok as i’ve been enjoying Hitman Absolution very much and filled in some time by playing R&C All-4-1.
    Also tried this weeks demos, the R&C tower-defence thingy isn’t for me but the Lego LOR demo was enjoyable. It’s the first lego game i’ve played where they speak though and it seemed a bit odd, lending a more solemn tone than the silent slapstick homages of the previous games.

  10. I think tbh all i’ve played is sleeping dogs this week. I’ve finished the story and just doing the side missions, really enjoying it! I’m tempted to try and continue mass effect 3 at the weekend,I’ve hardly played it!

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