Battle Royale To Get Heavenly Sword and WipEout Themed Level Alongside Kat And Emmett

Overnight new screenshots and info appeared for the upcoming (and free) DLC for All Stars Battle Royale – that’s the Kat (from Gravity Rush) and Emmett (from Starhawk) characters, as the US press got hands on with some new features in the game.

In addition, there’ll also be a new level themed around Heavenly Sword and WipEout – a none-too-subtle blend if ever we saw one – which you can see in the shots below.


According to one source, Kat is all about kicks, with her supers focusing on the energy balls from Gravity Rush. Emmett, on the other hand, is all long range attacks and – in a reference to Starhawk’s creation system, he can call in drops of equipment.

“The characters are pretty much at the point where their moves are in, but not necessarily where we want them to be from a balance standpoint,” said Superbot’s Omar Kendall. “We’re going to spend the next couple months really just making them fun, making them tight and playtesting every day.”

All Stars Battle Royale is the PS3 and PS Vita’s catalog brawler, much like Smash Bros on Nintendo platforms. It reviewed well, but has continued to struggle at retail, despite a ‘free’ PS Vita download code with all PS3 purchases.

Hopefully new DLC will at least show the public the developers are still behind the game.

Via EGM.



  1. I thought Heavenly Sword was lacking a stage but I thought they might do a Gran Turismo meets Wipeout stage similar to Wipeout 2048’s intro. Look forward to getting to play as the new characters and hope there is a lot more to come.

  2. That stage looks crazy! But if there’s no dlc coming out until February, then that could be too long a wait. I want it now! I’d like to see a Hekseville stage too.

  3. I must admit, I suspected this after patiently reading the credits after completing one time, they lost wipeout right alongside star hawk and gravity rush.

  4. Looks cool!!! :-P But…I WANT CRASH BANDICOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-/

    • I’m pretty sure Superbot know that people want Crash by now.

      • But he put it all in capitals! With thousands upon thousands of exclamation marks! On a website that Superbot may not visit.

        That HAS to get the message across, right? :)

      • Oh, it’s got something across alright. ;-)

  5. All-Stars is looking more and more attractive to me, may have to pick it up during the new year.

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