PS Vita Firmware Updates To 2.01, Fixes Cloud Storage For PlayStation Plus

As we reported back in November, the latest firmware for the PS Vita – version 2.00 – had a glaring bug: cloud saving wasn’t working for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That’s now been fixed, with version 2.01 available for the console.


Interestingly, and coincidentally, PlayStation Plus has also done its job, meaning if you’d left your Vita on standby chances are it’s already downloaded the update ready to go.

The update is mandatory, regardless of whether or not you’re currently a Plus subscriber (the bug in 2.00 is only relevant to Plus subbers) but it’s there anyway.



  1. Just noticed this when I fired up my vita and first port of call was here to check for what it does :) But I now have to do the donkey work as I turned off auto updates & syncing as there was no use due to it not working with saves and just draining my battery :( Oh well every silver lining…

  2. Glad they fixed it, now just got to remember when it’s left on standy to charge it up from time to time.

    • Yeah, and leave a good amount of space. I have around 22MB left so I think there could be some technicalities…. I reckon :P

  3. Talking of Vita-related updates, the YouTube app received a significant update yesterday.

  4. There’s a YouTube app on the UK store?

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