Black Ops II Gets To $1 Billion In Sales One Day Quicker Than Modern Warfare 3

[drop2]Worried that Activision’s latest shooter – Black Ops II – isn’t selling well? Don’t be, it’s doing just fine – you can relax now.

In a press release issued this lunch time, Bobby Kotick has been jumping up and down in celebration that Mason’s latest adventure reached a billion dollars (a BILLION) in a day less than it took Modern Warfare 3 to reach the same lofty height.

And – amusingly and somewhat bizarrely – the same PR spouts that that’s two days faster than it took James Cameron’s wandering epic Avatar to get to that magical number.

“The release of Call of Duty has been one of the most significant entertainment events of each of the last six years,” said Bobby, CEO of the company. He goes onto say words like “cumulative” and “combined” but essentially he’s saying it’s selling like crazy.

The franchise has sold more (in terms of theatrical box office receipts) than the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies, showing that gaming really is the biggest entertainment thing ever.

“It is incredibly humbling and gratifying to be a part of it,” says Activision’s Eric Hirshberg, as part of the albeit not terribly humble mailer.

We’ve not reviewed Black Ops II yet, but we’re getting to it…


  1. Gaming in decline, with declines on top of declines continuing… investors spooked by gaming, with catastropic shareprice collapses from EA, THQ, Take-Two etc… It’s no surprise Activision compare themselves with the entertainment industry at large… what’s the point in being the biggest fish in a shirinking pond?

    Impressive financial performance from BlOps2 though, especially as actual sales volumes have fallen in-line with shrinking market.

  2. Good for them. That’ll keep the head-honchos happy over Christmas.

  3. As much hate as COD as a series gets, this latest instalment is certainly deserving of those sales. It is a big improvement over the last few by quite a way. While it is always a shame other deserving titles don’t do as well, it is good to see the franchise is still evolving. It would be easy by now to push out a lesser game riding on the COD name (Declassified).

  4. Sales numbers have been falling for COD for the last two years. Far less discounted sales this year (at least in the UK), eventually something has to give.

    From a financial stand point it may seem better to bring in the same cash for fewer sales but that’s less people to sell DLC to and papering over the fact that those buying COD are falling by as much as 20% at some retails and between 10-15% overall.

    Maybe Avatar isn’t the best film to compare to now either as Skyfall has taken more in 40 days in the UK than Avatar took in 11 months.

    • Gaming is global as is the film industry. The Avatar figure is global as is the COD number. It would make no sense to mention a film that has beaten what is being used as a watermark because it did more business in ONE country.

      • That’s why I said maybe, I don’t know what Skyfall has done around the rest of the world. Avatar was also released in a different economical climate where Skyfall is at the same time which is a fairer comparison. I don’t believe PR guys have adjusted for inflation either.

        I also don’t know the overall sales to date of COD and Avatar, I believe Avatar is around 2.7 Billion so beating it to 1 billion isn’t a great comparison if COD never gets near it’s total gross.

  5. There’s no oddness about quoting Avatar. It was done last year as well.

    It’s quoted because there is an effort to show that gaming is a viable entertainment medium. Showing that one piece of entertainment hit a milestone before another piece of entertainment is a way of not only presenting the success of the game but also of the industry as a whole.

  6. Whatever you think about COD (i’m a fan), these sales figures give a good 2 finger salute to those know it all’s who are now routinely predicting the death of console gaming.

    • I see what you are saying, but bear in mind that a large percentage of these figures will be PC copies of the game.

      • Actually matey, until recently, COD sales were only 15% on the PC. I think I remember reading one franchise (has to be this one?) selling 9mill:1mill for console:PC.

      • Yeah, perhaps ‘large percentage’ was a poor choice of words there – What i was getting at was simply that all sales can’t be attributed to ‘console sales’.

        I know many a person that wouldn’t dream of playing anything like this without a mouse/keyboard combo.

  7. Impressive but a bit predictable as it’s COD. It will always sell and make billions. But to make a billion in one day is surprising as i can’t remeber if that has ever been done before in the gaming industry.

    • Ummm… it made $1 billion in one day less than MW3. It did NOT make $1 billion in a day.

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