New Wii U Firmware Speeds Up Sluggish OS, But It’s 600MB

The Wii U has had another firmware update overnight. The patch is around 600MB, and is in addition to the 1.5GB one that greeted new owners on launch day.

The patch doesn’t come with any notes, so it’s not clear what the update actually does – although anecdotal evidence suggests that some issues with the slow operating system appear to have been improved, like loading MiiVerse.


The fix also hopefully gets rid of some of the Wii U’s freezing.

The 3DS also got another update overnight. Perhaps the two are linked to Nintendo’s next ‘Direct’ mini-conference, which is scheduled for later today, and maybe – just maybe – there’s going to be some kind of link between the two.



  1. When i remember Battlefield 3 which became 30GB of data or something with the patches, it’s not so scary.

  2. So, how much memory is left for those who bought an 8GB Wii U?

    • Doesn’t change what was originally quoted, it must install over existing gubbins

      • Ah well that’s good to know! I take all my harshness back.

      • Thank god for that. I have an 8GB and am trying to avoid buying an external HDD unless I really have to.

  3. Nintendo Direct is such a great thing to do on a regular basis.

  4. Nintendo fitting right in with Sony and Microsoft then.

    There’s going to be a LOT of downloading for some people on Christmas Day.

  5. I hope they fixed the DHCP issue I got when connecting to one of my 2 wifi stations?..

    Had to set IP manually to get it to work.. (after tried al other variations of a/b/g/n and GHz)

    • Oh.. and I hope they fixed the parental control issue I got.

      With and without parental control enabled I could not look at Assassin Creed III.. a message about the content could only be seen at specified times.. As the times where not shown and is was way past bedtime I can not understand whey this happened.

      (I really do not like these kind of restraints.. Nintendo)

  6. Guess I’ll set it going now then so it’ll be ready to play later!

  7. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll ping a text to the Mrs to kick it off :-)

    • Davey “Hi babe. Can you go switch the Wii U on and get the new update?”
      Davey’s missus “sure… Where is it?”
      Davey “in the lounge”
      Davey’s missus “but I’m not allowed out of the kitchen unless its my birthday.”
      Davey “happy birthday, babe!”

      • ROFL
        Shockingly it actually went something along the lines of:
        Davey “Hi babe. Can you go switch the Wii U on and get the new update?”
        Davey’s missus “Already kicked it off, spotted it on Eurogamer and I want to play Mario later”.
        Davey ” :-| …. ta!”

      • Ah, it seems Davey’s missus is a wise one.

      • Hahaha! Awesome. Gaming girlfriends and wives are the best. Well, gorgeously filthy-minded versions are.

      • lol *approval high-five* ;-)

  8. Apparently you can download system updates in the background and play while it’s loading. The installation itself isn’t that time consuming. I’ve read that in the comments somewhere. All this Wii U day 1 patch debacle sounds like a lot of hot air if you can just start playing New Super Mario Bros. 2 while it downloads the patch.

    • The day 1 debacle was the US servers getting hammered, perhaps concurrent demand has eased, perhaps Ninty have more server capacity… perhaps both.

      • My point is, you can download the update in the background while actually playing games. Doesn’t matter if it takes 20 minutes or four hours. You are still able to play.

      • I could not do anything during this update, and it kicked of after finally getting the wifi network to work.. (I bought it saturday in the Netherlands)

        People who shutdown their system because they thought it was not doing anything and both power buttons are also disabled by the update could end up with a Bricked Wii-U.

        So I do not know where you got the information but for me there was no option other than wait and wait…

        Same was for the Game updates of Mario and Nintendo Land. When you start the game no option was given and update was started with the powerbuttons disabled.

        This is my first encounter with Nintendo hardware and until now it is not a very good one..

      • My comment could be a bit misleading. It sounds like this has been proven, which is not the case. I’ve simply read about it in the comments:

        (Sorry for linking to another video game site. If it is not permitted, feel free to edit it out.)

      • Again I could not do anything with the machine or the handheld during the second update.

        And still can not view the content of AC3..

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