News Snatch: Gingers, DLC And The Pope’s Mystical Floating Cog

Snatchers, I have a question for you. I have just emailed Greg my ‘What We’ve Been Playing’ for this week and I had a little moan about the Black Ops II characters looking rather similar and the thought occurred to me: Where are the gingers? Why does everyone have either black, blonde or brown hair? Apart from Nariko in Heavenly Sword I can’t think of any game that stars a ginger, can you?

On then to the news, and we start with some patches: Dishonored has been updated to version 1.2 which fixes a number of small bugs and the rather larger patch for FIFA 13 that went live on Xbox 360 and PC last month has finally landed on PlayStation 3. Sports Champions 2 has also had a huge update which includes the ‘Pose with your avatar’ feature, whatever that is, more details here.

And now, Lego Nintendo President Satoru Iwata holding a carrot.

Two more top execs at Zynga have jumped ship, Roy Seghal who was vice president of Zynga’s casual games division and the creator of Cafe World has resigned. Following him out the door is Steve Schreck, general manager of the company’s casual division.

Over half a dozen Zynga executives have left in the past few months and the share value has plummeted 75% since the company went public a year ago.

It’s time for an exclusive DLC showdown! In the red corner we have a co-op DLC pack called ‘High Tides’ which will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of Far Cry 3. High Tides will continue the story of original six co-op chapters left off and will be the gang’s final moments.

In the blue corner we have new multiplayer DLC for the Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 6. The DLC features three new play modes, ‘Predator’ finds one player taking on the role of the ‘Ustank’ fighting against five other players,  ‘Survivors’ modes is for up to six players but when you die you will respawn as an enemy and ‘Onslaught’ is a horde mode for two players but if you perform certain combos then you will send waves of enemies over to the other player.

Rebooting Devil May Cry and making Dante go emo was ‘always going to upset a few people’.

Netflix have announced that the PlayStation 3 is the most popular platform. “PS3 is our largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing, and this year, at times, even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix enjoyment to become our number one platform overall,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. The company has just signed an exclusivity deal with Disney which begins in 2016, the deal covers all Disney films plus those of Marvel, Pixar and the newly acquired Lucasfilm.

Zombie news: Sales of firearms in the United States have risen as people prepare for the forthcoming zombie invasion. ‘Zombie Max’ ammunition which has the words ‘just in case’ on the side of the box has been flying off the shelves. “We can’t keep it in stock,”  said Texas gun seller Cris Parson, “It comes in a cool, colorful box with a zombie on it.”  We suggest a round or two on Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2’s zombie mode as practice, just in case.

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘InSane‘ has a new developer but he won’t say who it is  – and don’t expect the game anytime soon. “We put a good year and a half into it and we have the universe quite figured out, but we are now going to take that and start doing all the leg work with coding it, creating the engine, and starting to test it,” del Toro said. “It’s going to take a good two years of modeling and rendering and creating the environments and all of that.” InSane was originally announced in 2010 and was scheduled for release next year.

And finally, Raiden shows off his chop-socky moves in this new trailer for the game that tells the story of the Pope’s mystical floating cog. It’s called ‘Metal Gear Rising, Your Reverence’.


  1. Zynga have a ‘casual’ division?? Surely everything they do is casual isn’t it?

    Does that mean that they have a ‘hardcore’ division too? :)

  2. Also, i would have personally said that Narikos hair was ‘red’. I am having a hard time placing a main central character with a ginge tinge though.

    The main character in ‘Bully’ perhaps?

    • Yep I was going to say bully. Great minds and all that jazz.

  3. Nice branding with the zombie ammo!

  4. Bowser, Cole from infamous 2 and best of all Blanca from street fighter! All gingers.

    • I could never tell if Cole was a ginger or not.

      • He certainly looked to have taken a turn that way in certain shots of the second one, but perhaps he had just gone a bit wild with the peroxide.

      • Well concept cole was ginger at the least.

  5. I’m glad inSane is back on track.

  6. Crash Bandicoot.

  7. Ghost from MW2 was a ginger, although his balaclava covered it up most of the time!

  8. Not a huge RE fan so forgive me if there’s some deep meaning, but what the fudge is a “Ustank”? All I can picture is a game mode where 1 player drops his guts and the race is on to evacuate to fresh air.

  9. Don’t know why but I quickly read in the title “The Pope’s mystical floating log” too many LLL’s
    In Ginger news, I wonder if Mick Hucknall will be releasing another greatest hits this Christmas “Now Ginger” ? Oh dear! :P

    • Yeah, they used to do the smoke thing for the pope, but now they just let him take a dump.

      If it sinks he remains as pope, but if it floats, he has clearly been tainted by the devil & must be expunged.

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