Side-on Motorcycling Looking Bonkers in the New Urban Trial Trailer

This game was dropped into some of those very early Vita sizzle trailers, unless my memory deceives me. I remember being quite excited at the prospect of being able to play something like the XBLA’s wonderful Trials HD on my Vita. But I haven’t seen anything new about it in what seems like ages.

Well, the game is still coming and it’s sooner than you might think. Tate Multimedia’s PR team has sent over a selection of screens and a new trailer video, which are all below. The game is listed as PSN, Vita and 3DSWare with a release in early 2013.


As you’ll see from the video, it looks very similar to the other 2D stunt action racers available on various platforms but the developers are obviously going big on explosions and moving parts. The press release promises five urban locales, all designed with loads of background animation and moving parts. It also says the levels are designed with an acerbic wit, which seems an odd phrase to attach to level design but there you go.

It’ll have trophies and bike customisation too, at least in the PlayStation versions. It all loks a bit bonkers and a lot of fun.



  1. Looks awesome. Reminds me a lot of Elastomania

    • I’ve been trying to remember the name of that game for about four years!

      • Haha, it was great fun! Glad I could help :)

  2. I like

  3. I hadn’t heard anything about this before, looks pretty good!

  4. the Playstation has been lacking a game similar to the Trials games, this looks to fill that gap quite nicely.

    by PSN they mean downloadable ps3 right?

    and any mention of a level editor?

  5. Really like the look of it!

  6. Looks delightfully over the top. PS3 as well, fella, or truly locked down to the Vita?

  7. Cool, didn’t know this existed! I always wanted something like Trials HD on a Sony device.

  8. That looks a cool game….can’t wait.

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