Retro City Rampage Heading To European PS3 And Vitas Soon

[videoyoutube]Retro City Rampage is finally into certification with SCEE, meaning its release on European PS3s and PS Vitas shouldn’t be too far away.

It’ll also be an “improved” version, developer Brian Provinciano tells us. “The improved version includes faster cars, tips screens, shop icons on the map, additional tutorials, checkpoints, level balancing and more,” he said.

Provinciano says that the European versions “aren’t simply the same game released on October 9th” and that they’ve had an “additional month of development, polish and tweaks.”

The updates will be available for previously released versions via a patch, if they’re not already.

Retro City Rampage is Cross-Buy and Cross-Save, two terribly ugly phrases coined by Sony themselves that mean you only need to buy one version to get the other free (in terms of PS3 and Vita versions) and that saves are compatible between the pair.

Brian has detailed the changes in his latest blog.


  1. Right.

    “As the remaining SKUs were not yet out the door at the time of launch, I made the decision to take this as an opportunity to ensure that at minimum, those still waiting for the game would get a better experience from the get-go.”

    So for once and fucking all can we stop blaming assuming Sony is the cause for delays, in this case it was the developer.

    • Absolutely agree but if only more devs would hold their hands up and say it’s their fault it’s been delayed it would make it easier on the poor blog guys that have to deal with the weekly rants

    • ok no more blaming scee… for this one.
      for the other 99 times out of a hundred, well, business as usual.


  2. “Retro City Rampage is Cross-Buy and Cross-Save, two terribly ugly phrases coined by Sony themselves…”
    What’s wrong with those?

    Also, on-topic, good news everyone! :D

    • Yeah i don’t see anything wrong with them. They describe what they need to describe without being completely confusing, so…

      Also, great to see RCR is coming soon. As TC said, everyone can stop blaming SCEE now (but they won’t)

    • i think i prefer those phrases to something like “sold separately”. ^_^

    • I really like those phrases, and I love the meaning they hold.

    • I prefer triangle buy, circle save

  3. Any idea on price?

    Also, fuck SCEE. :-p

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