The PS4’s Launch Line-Up – Killzone 4, Gran Turismo 6, MotorStorm 4?

infamous 3

Infamous 3 – Sucker Punch

Sony bought Sucker Punch in the middle of 2011, just after they released Infamous 2, which was in June of that year. Since then their only visible output has been some DLC and the twisted remix that was Festival of Blood, but Cole himself, Infamous’ lead, has been seen in Street Fighter X Tekken and – of course – All Stars Battle Royale.

That would have bought the studio considerable time to be working on something for next-gen, as they’ve certainly not announced anything for the PlayStation 3 and chances are they won’t be doing so now given the fact that the PS3’s most likely in its twilight year.

Whether two years is enough to craft something for PS4 is anyone’s guess – and it would depend entirely on what they’re actually working on, of course – but it’s obvious Infamous is a series Sony are keen on continuing with, and an Infamous 3 wouldn’t go down badly at all with the PlayStation faithful, as far as we can tell.

Indeed, Cole’s voice actor, Eric Ladin, apparently said recently that he “will be extremely busy with Infamous 3 in the future” – although that response in an interview seems to have been cut from the published version, so it’s hard to verify it 100% [3].

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  1. GT6 as part of the launch line-up? Bahahahahahaha!

    • Polyphony have to say it’s out for the launch of PS4 so they have more time to get as many ‘delays’ as possible.

  2. I’m really starting to feel the excitement for a new generation of PlayStation, hopefully some of the potential new IP also comes to fruition, alongside the showcase sequels.

    • Yeh so am I. The problem is I’m getting excited prematurely.

      It’s when they release the official PS4 website that I got really excited. I visited that mental PS3 every day for months, reading the same stuff over and over again.

      • Urgh, the danger of hype.

      • “The problem is I’m getting excited prematurely.”

        As you get older this becomes less of a problem. :-p

      • But you will end up with the risk of being unable to become excited. ;)

      • Should have seen this coming!

  3. Hope Killzone is a prequel and we’ll see Colonel Radec again.

    I’m so sad that they killed the greatest character in series.

    • Didn’t, technically, we kill him?

      • I didn’t, he was still alive in KZ3 when I played it…. :-P

  4. If K4 is a launch game, I’m sold on ps4. Don’t care for the other 2. Uncharted 4 should be a launch game since ND got 2 teams now it can be done. You can’t release 2 racing genre on launch cars games are a bore

    • “car games are a bore”

      you may find them boring but sony’s accountants love them, gran turismo 5 is the best selling game on ps3 selling nearly double the number of copys gt5 prologue sold, which incidentally happens to be the second best selling game on ps3. (motorstorms 7th)

      also gran turismo is pretty much PlayStation biggest “system seller”, if i remember correctly the month gt5 came out saw a 3 million increase in ps3 sale’s. I only bought my ps3 for gt5 (still play it regularly) and will probably only buy a ps4 once there’s a gt game on it.

      it’s also probably worth me pointing out that gran turismo and motorstorm are as different as time crysis and arma 2. they may technically be part of the same genre but there a world apart in terms of gameplay.

  5. Right, I will make a prediction. If the first five games turn out to be true, I am going to have to remortgage my house at the end of 2013. Wonder how the fiancee will feel about that.

    However, we all know not all of those will come true. If they did, it would surely be the greatest launch line up ever, on any console!?

  6. Do you think there will be a long cross-over period this time? I mean when PS3 came out, the PS2 didn’t just die overnight. Lots of games for the PS3 had stripped back PS2 versions for a fairly long time. Same with PS1/PS2 actually. I remember having THPS3 on both PS1 and PS2.

    Everyone seems to talking like when the PS4 comes out, the PS3 will instantly be defunct, but this hasn’t been the case in the past.

    Anyway, if they can get EA to make a Skate 4, I’ll starve my kids, sell my wife’s engagement ring and remortgage my house to get one.

    • I would be surprised if they didn’t do the same again. Those years were very profitable for the PS2. So they would no doubt hope that the PS3 had the same run of sales.

    • There will be an overlap, for sure, but probably not with first party games. Sony want people to buy the new machine so they put their high impact games exclusively on that (think back to Uncharted, MotorStorm, etc. from the PS3 launch – they never appeared on PS2). They continue support for the outgoing console with more casual fare (Buzz!, SingStar) that appeals to those less willing to throw £500 at a new console and a few games.

      Third parties – EA, Activision and the like – will put their big games out on both the new console (for the attention and impact it offers, as well as the continuation of their business) and the older console (because there are actually enough people who own that console that their game might sell enough there to turn a profit).

      • Makes sense. I’ve spent vastly more money on this generation than any in the past, so will definitely be clinging on for as long as I can!

        Backwards compatibility would make such a difference for me. It’s not like I’m gonna re-buy PS3 games on the store. I have only bought one PS2 classic. And while I have a few of the HD trilogy remakes on disc, they are a clear upgrade that I can’t see developers bothering with next generation.

  7. If this is true, I’ll be in the industrial year then so might actually be able to afford it :)

    • Sony will undoubtedly come up with a premium price as always – their prices on the store show no signs of change.

  8. I hope Sucker Punch is working on a new IP. And I wonder what Ready at Dawn is cooking. Then there’s also the development factories that is Sony Japan and Santa Monica. Sure they’re working on Puppeteer and GoW, but they could probably get something like a PSN title out in the launch window too. Next gen Fat Princess please! Oh and HouseMarque!

  9. There has to be a new Resistance.

    • It would mostly likely need a new developer to do it, like in the case of Sly 4.

  10. I think that’s spot on myself, with evolution also working on a new Wipeout, where else did studio liverpools staff go? ;)

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