WeView Verdict: MotorStorm RC

MotorStorm RC was praised almost unanimously in the comments of our WeView article last week, with lots of you screaming at us to buy it. There were a few other opinions but the love for this little racing game is very understandable – it’s a great amount of fun gameplay, across two platforms (one of which was brand new) for a brilliantly low price.

There were a few comparisons to Micro Machines in the comments, with that being the basis for many players’ love for the game. jimmy-google kicked this off by comparing it to a Micro Machines game, though going on to say that this makes the MotorStorm tag “a bit misleading as it didn’t really feel like a Motorstorm game from the gameplay”. Broonba also stated that their love for Micro Machines on Sega MD & PC made this an easy decision, while raising a good point, in that a track creator would’ve made the game even better.

The low price point definitely seems to be a deciding factor with MotorStorm RC, with JohnnyBoy going as far as to define this as the reason for choosing Buy It over Plus It as his verdict. tactical20 even owed its price to being the reason that “it’s probably the best game available on the PS3” while coruscant said that they “would have happily paid more for this game”. There were a couple of other “dirt cheap” comments in there from cam_manutd and colmshan1990 too.

[drop2]There was also a lot of love for the Vita version of the game, with the first comment from parryman stating that the game is “perfect for the Vita” with “pick-up-and-play for short blasts.” It definitely seems to be a great fit, with Dom El calling it “easily one of the Vita’s most compelling titles.” avengerrr, too, called the game “perfect for the Vita”, since it was a mobile game but with much more depth “like the hardcore gaming version of an iPhone app”. Gadbury even went as far as to say that the game was “made for” the Vita and there’s no denying that.

Even bmg_123 thought that it was a “great demonstration of the Vita’s superior controls”. I wouldn’t agree, but that is of course bmg’s opinion. jimmy-google also shared his love for the Vita version, but raised a brilliant point, stating that it “shouldn’t be a replacement for a true Motorstorm Vita game,” such as Artic Edge on PSP.

These high opinions weren’t shared by everyone, however, with a few avoiders amongst the comments. First, Taylor Made stated that the game is “awful for what it is” with bad controls and horrible visuals with the car models, calling it a waste of money and a disaster. Well, not everyone is positive, then.

Our own Tuffcub used fifteen words including cursing, but wishes he could find “a million more other words” to describe just how much he didn’t like it. He wishes he could get his £5 or so back (I’ll buy you another pint, TC) and sums it up with “take it outside and shoot it in the head”.

matthangzhou‘s reason for avoiding wasn’t because it was a bad game as such, but because their ten hours of gameplay save got deleted after trying to sync across versions. It’s more of an “avoid their support team”, then, but their woes are completely understandable – game breaking bugs can completely ruin games.

I think Dom El made some great points in his WeView, summing up all of the good opinions nicely:

At launch this was the Vita title that really clicked with me, and it is a perfect portable title. It is infuriating at times but it is also the epitomy of a ‘one more go’ game. The amount of content alongside the cross buy feature also makes it one of the best value games of recent years.

Finally, let’s get on to those verdicts. Surprisingly, no-one said Plus It, probably due to the already low price. There were eighteen votes for Buy It which is six times more than the votes for Avoid It, which only came in at three. So, what are you waiting for? Buy it.


  1. If not Motorstorm RC, what’s the top Racing game for Vita?

    Most Wanted maybe?

    • Wipeout

      • For me Wipeout is average, nothing special, not sure what Most Wanted is like.

  2. Ha Tuff, take it outside & shoot it. Classic!

  3. Completely forgot to give my verdict but I would of probably given the Plus it vote. Didn’t like the game that much, far too fiddly.

    • I forgot to give a verdict to but its 110% “buy it” for me. Great fun, lots of replay value, 2 consoles, 2 platinums and cheap as chip. Easily one of the most worth it titles psn has to offer.

      I love this game. I hope they make a new one in the future or at least more DLC.

  4. I think the full fat Motorstorm is the way to go enjoyed all of them but the RC version never really pulled me in although it did bring back memories of Super Sprint an Championship Sprint and Super Off Road might give it another whirl though at some point.

  5. RC is an excellent wee game……hope to see more DLC or a new RC game in the future.

    BUY IT

  6. This weview not only reminded me I had the pro-jam dlc still to play, but also enticed me to buy the carnival dlc.

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