“Special Secret Announcement” Planned For Tomb Raider

It looks like Crystal Dynamics are set to make good on their tease of a ‘special secret announcement’ soon. Those words were first found in the video below, with the date of said announcement the 18th of December. That’s next week, fact fans.

The video’s a few days old, but the announcement, whatever that is, hasn’t yet been discovered. The announcement is apparently going to “change the way you play Tomb Raider forever” – which is quite a bold claim – and one that might warrant a little guesswork.


Current speculation points to one of three things: social interaction, a Wii U version, or – most likely – a multiplayer mode. Social integration with Facebook or similar is hardly unique, and we reckon it’s probably one of the latter two instead.

Indeed, Crystal Dynamics were looking for someone with multiplayer background recently, and that seems the most likely. That would certainly fit the bill, right?

Other that that – ugh – Kinect?



  1. Multiplayer would be the perfect way to ruin this game for me, please no!

    • Yep, me too. One reason for me being so excited for this was the lack of multiplayer.

      • If it were possible to play co-op, then I’d be pleased, or if there was some kind of Vita link

      • Cooperative multilayer would indeed be acceptable, a competitive death-match mode would be very disappointing.

    • Just don’t play the multiplayer?

      • Exactly this.

        I can understand disappointment that they might be shifting resources over from the SP development to working on MP, but just because it has MP is no reason to discount the SP mode and the game entirely.

  2. I know what it is. Lara is in a skimpy santa outfit and does lapdance for us then starts to strip very slowly. What? Sex sells and they would be able to outsell COD if they did that. ;)

    It’s most likely some crappy facebook app or mircotransitions or a Kinect feature or a Wii U feature. Will be surprised if it’s not any of them and is something that is already a part of the code that they have yet to annouce. Could be Multiplayer as they’ve not annouced it yet.

    • and what would be new about sex?

      they don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing.

  3. Lara Croft is a man, therefor it will change the way I play the game, ie not oggling her arse, and swinging the camera round to face on every three minutes.

    That’s my guess anyway.

  4. Come onnnn Wii-U release :) Though it is probably some sort of online stat tracker or some bollocks like that.

  5. A complete and QA passed game on release with no update patches? Nah, those days are long gone! :P

    Second most anticipated game of next year, second only to GTA V ;)

  6. In keeping with todays cynical outlook (blame the damn weather), these days a game seems to be created around a set of tick boxes, for fear of the press slagging it/deducting points if the following are’nt included:

    1)Online Multi-Player-cue much moaning, gnashing off teeth and lower score IF it’s not present.

    2)Trophies/awards for:pressing start, playing online for 10 mins, falling arse over tit, drowning, kicking a cat.

    3)3D/Move/Kinect Support, Wii U version planned (but to be done by out of house dev.team).

    4)I’d also expect:Day 1 patch, DLC annouced soon after, Wii U version to be worst of the console versions, PC version to be the best running on newer hardware, 360/PS3 versions to be nigh on indentical bar higher res.eyebrows on PS3, better quality scuff mark textures on 360.

    5)The surprise to come as no surprise.

    6) A plot twist/Shock ending…..

    There, a cut out and keep, cynical rant that i can apply to any upcoming game these days.

    • Its depressing how accurate this post is really isn’t it, heh

      • I’m going to add…..

        7) Edge will be up it,like a rat up a drain pipe IF it has level creation tools (and they get cover art), otherwise they’ll devote 2-pages to a review that explains nothing about game, let alone if it’s worth your cash.

        8)The A.I will be awful, making a PS2 Tomb Raider game blush, but look…young titties.

        9)The auto save will corrupt, maybe from day 1, maybe after the patch to fix the MP bugs, but corrupt it will…patch to fix that coming in 6 weeks.

        10)it’ll feature QTE events.Why? ’cause it’s da law of gaming these days.

        11) PS3 version, as well as day 1 patch, will have further patches for Move and 3DTV support and then Vita Cross Control.What’s that? you just want to play your newly purchased game? Ohhh you silly punter, here, watch a slowly filling bar as your will to exist ebs away.

        12)360 version WILL be ‘better with Kinect’, after all, the ads don’t lie….

        If the surprise is’nt any of these 12, i’ll eat my own trousers.


    • Haha, brilliant!

  7. i’m not sure if multiplayer would be a good or bad thing for a Tomb Raider game.

    done well i suppose it could be good, i mean, i didn’t think i’d like the multiplayer in RDR, but i really did.
    the co-op modes anyway, apart from the occasional team killing twat, it was a lot of fun.
    so it can work, if it’s just death match type pvp gameplay, it wouldn’t interest me.

    whatever happens, the main draw for me is the story.

  8. My theory: At the end of each level you must write a 2,000 word article on sexism in the games industry and how nu-Lara represents ‘real women’. You must pay specific attention to the events in the level, for example if Lara encouters and elderly man who helps her quest then you would cover daddy issues. Or if she fashions a crossbow from some twigs and her bra then highlight how this is a major breakthrough for feminism as other games would have included an in-game store and implied that girls like shopping and other sexist stereotypes.

    Your essay will then be judged by a panel ai Eidos if you have correctly grasped the fundemental message of each level then you can pass on to the next set of challenges.

    • 2,000 word article?

      no problem.
      not with my patented wall-o-text technology.

      though i might be in trouble if it needs to have a cohesive and coherent point made succinctly. ^_^

      • About that patented wall-o-text tech. It turns out that i may have cocked up when i did the paper work for you. It may also be in the name of SCEE or EA. What? I was busy and was trying to multitask. :O

      • it’s true what they say then, men can’t multitask.

        not like women, see i’m writing this as i mentally prepare a letter for my laywers, and where i can get some lawyers. ^_^

        anyway, good luck to them trying to get it to work, i wrote the instructions using the tech and they’re about three million pages long.

        i have had approaches from apple about writing their new license agreement, but i had to turn them down, my tech just can’t handle documents of that size. O_O

      • Yeah i may have simplifed the tech in order for a brainless monkey to be able to understand it. Apparently, SCEE’s best technicains are trying to figure how it works and how to use it despite the modification. :o Explains why we get such poor service from them. By god, i’ve discovered the truth, do i get a cookie for doing so? ^-^

  9. Or:

    Moral choices?

    W*nk ending, just to get the fans bitchin, hits on websites, another patch incoming?

    Games NOT coming out unless YOU fund it…Kickstarter all the rage now darling…..

    Dream sequences?

    Controversial rape QTE sequence as no such thing as bad press, plus..it’s alright, it was just a miss quote.

    It’s gone Wii U only….

    • Final guesses:

      It started out as an Atari Jaguar CD game? (original T.R did).

      Rob Hubbard is doing the music? (ask yer dad).

      Sony have secured it as a Vita Only exclusive, but it’s now been turned into a FPS/Trading card game (delete as you see fit) and Nhilistic are doing it?.

      It’s game engine will require a firmware update on PS3+360 to tap into previousily unused potential of the hardware, as it’s going to feature DX11, next gen engine features such as…lens flare?.

  10. It can only be accessed during the night?

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