LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Patch Out Now

[drop2]The latest update for LittleBigPlanet 2 (version 1.20) is now available.

This patch introduces Cross-Controller, which is the one that lets you control Sackboy with your PS Vita in the PlayStation 3 version of the game.


We took at look at how this works a few months back, and we went away impressed. “The great thing with LBP, and what we always do is we don’t put any limitations in place,” said XDev’s Tom O’Connor to TheSixthAxis.

“We actually let you break things, but we don’t do that when we showcase it. So if you want to you could use PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Move in a level.”

“You could actually create a game that uses Move and Vita,” he added.

The patch is a whopping GB in size, but includes everything you need and some extra stuff that’ll be announced early next year. We’ll have our hands on with the update as soon as possible.



  1. So this is a free patch? I thought it was paid dlc

    • I think it is paid, no? The update just preps everything.

      • Oh right, that makes sense, I thought it was paid. The article just confused me a little

  2. This is good news, will be interesting to try this out later!

    Now, just waiting for the Tomb Raider news…

  3. “Got a PS3? Got a PS Vita? Got LBP 2? Then go!” – and what about the LBP game for PS Vita ? I don’t need it ?
    Another question: can I now use my PSV as a second controller to play with someone at home ?

  4. I’ d also like to get clarification on that. Is the patch out now, but the actual DLC not available til tomorrow, or are we good to start playing this cross-controller pack right away?

    • As far as I know the patch is out now, the DLC trigger (which is just a couple of 100k mini-files) is later. Sorry about the confusion.

      • No worries, thanks for clearing it up.

  5. It’s something cool that i want to try out but i’m not sure about it longterm. With all other LBP DLC packs, you only need to purchase the pack if you want to be able to create levels using that content and the forced patch that accompanies each pack allows everyone to play the new content levels for free. Will it be the same with this i wonder?

  6. Still confused…

    so..via this patch, you can use your Vita as a controller on the PS3 game? or…do you still need to buy the DLC for this to happen?.

    Be bit rum if it’s the latter as Move and 3D patches were free (but not bloody optional).

  7. I’ve tried to get it going but can’t. So I guess you need doc for it to work properly.

  8. Nice! I update my game today! I order LBP2 via PS Plus :)

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