Rockstar’s Bully (And Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories) Rated For PS3

Bully was a great entry in the sandbox style that Rockstar have perfected of late – based on events in a school rather than the usual gangster environment that the Grand Theft Auto titles prefer – although Bully is currently unavailable on PlayStation 3 (and actually on sale on the 360 today).

bully ps3


However, a recent ESRB rating has finally locked the game down for Sony’s console, citing “Crude Humor, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence” and awarding it a Teen rating – that’s not unexpected, but the rating is welcome.

Chances are it’s the PS2 version (as is currently the norm with Rockstar) rather than a port of the Xbox 360 version, but seeing as any version is better than no version at all, this can only be good news.

Other Rockstar titles recently awarded a rating include Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Midnight Club series and Red Dead Revolver. Make of that what you will…

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  1. Vice City Stories is fantastic, don’t miss out on that guys.

  2. I remeber Bully being excellent but it was basically GTA Junior without the things that make GTA, GTA. Shame that there don’t seem to be any plans for a sequel.

    I think GTA:VCS was a bit of a let down due to it being the next GTA game that i played after GTA:SA and it didn’t live up to it but i admit, i was a bit harsh as it’s a PSP game ported to the PS2 and looking back, it’s excellent. Story is excellent and doesn’t feel the need to swear every few seconds unlike SA. I did hear rumours of GTA:SA stories but i suspect they either canned it or had no plans to do that. That and GTA4 was being developed at the time. Predict that they will be £12 each.

  3. Bully is a fantastic game. Really surprised me how good it was after I waded through the bullshit in the media about it. Clearly none of them had actually played it cos the plot is very non-bullying

    • Fully agree mate. I missed out on it in the PS2 days but i got it on steam a year or so ago for pittance. its cracking

      • I played Bully to death on 360, took me forever to get 100% completion (I was missing 1 lawnmowing job).
        Great great game.

  4. I’ll be intrigued to see what’s going in with the Stories game there – as far as I know, not a single game has ever actually been released using Sony’s PSP Remaster tools for PS3 (the GoW Origins collection was before the tools were released).

    • It was ported to PS2 as far as I remember, so they may just be porting the port rather than porting the PSP game.

      • Oh shit yeah, course it was. My bad!

  5. Why is it listed as ‘Bully’ and not ‘Canis Canem Edit’ if it is the PS2 version?

    • Isn’t Bully the US name?

    • It’s ‘Bully’ on Steam for me…

      • Yup, as Alex says, Bully was the US name for the PS2 game. It was Canis Canem Edit for PAL on PS2. Then Bully again for Wii, 360 & PC.

  6. Bully was a great game, would love to play it again.

  7. Loved Canis Canem Edit, first thing my Mrs ever gifted me and the 3rd last game I ever played on my PS2 before Shadow of the Colossus and Dragon Quest VIII.

    Life was easy back then …

  8. Niceee! I need to play Bully and Red dead revolver at my Ps3! I have vice city stories already as psp version at my Ps Vita :)

  9. day 1 purchases from me!

  10. Both games are up on the US store now as part of today’s update along with Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix … $9.99 each.

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