Monster Hunter 4 Delayed

Capcom have delayed system-seller Monster Hunter 4 from March to ‘summer’, meaning the 3DS will miss out on potentially its biggest game so far this spring.

“The decision has now been made to postpone the launch date based on the decision that further quality enhancements are needed in order to meet the expectations and wishes of users,” says the official site.


The ‘summer’ date is currently marked as ‘tentative’.

In the meantime, the Vita will play host to Soul Sacrifice, developed as an in-house alternative to the 3DS title. That should, in correspondence with Monster Hunter’s delay, see some Vita sales.

Source: Capcom, via Twitter.



  1. Aww I wanted to see if soul sacrifice could hold its own against MH ah well maybe capcom got scared

  2. If it means a better game, this is surely a good thing. And it gives Soul Sacrifice a chance to shine.

  3. Doh! That is all.

  4. A smart move to push this back as march is already full of AAA titles.

  5. The wish of this user is that MH4 end up on Vita but I am not sure that is what they meant.

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