PS3 Has Sold 30 Million in PAL Territories

Sony has just let us all know that the PlayStation 3 has hit a new milestone for units sold. The home console has been on sale in PAL territories – which include Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – since March 2007. The figure is based on an estimation by SCEE of how many units have been sold through to consumers.

The press release doesn’t hold many surprises, it talks about the updates to the form factor but ignores the things like removing PS2 disc-reading capabilities, the card reader and two USB slots. PlayStation Plus and Wonderbook are name-checked but Move isn’t. LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo are noted too, indicating their importance to Sony.


Sony’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, said “We are really pleased with the success of the PS3 system over the last six years, and are committed to continuing our support of the platform with high quality products and titles that are of the caliber that PlayStation fans have come to expect.”

Just two years ago, PlayStation 3 sales in Europe were reported to be around 19.7 million so this new figure shows significant sales over that period. SCEE is keen to point out that it won’t be resting on its laurels too – their press release signs off with “SCEE will continue to further expand the PS3 platform and create a world of computer entertainment that is only possible on PlayStation.”

Source: Press Release



  1. Not bad. At just under 8 years the PS2 had sold 48 million in Europe and the PS2 was monster of a seller. 30 at just under 6 is good.

    Just shows Europe deserve a bit for love from Sony, though the sales suggest Europe may not need it to keep buying their consoles.

    • Just had a look and it appears that PSone only reached about 40-41 million in Europe in it’s lifetime. The PS3 could well match that

  2. Good for them. Interesting to see the Wonderbook mention over the Move controller but at least they’ve got their priorities right. Promote the game/experience, not the hardware.

  3. Great stuff. Not surprising given how ridiculously cheap PS3s are now. £139 for the 12GB! I paid £525 for a launch bundle…

  4. Wonder how many of those sales are to replace faulty phat machines

    • You could make that comment about pretty much every console in history.

    • My 80 GB phat PS3 is doing just fine.

      • Ditto.

      • I’ve had 2 60GBs die but I didn’t have to buy a replacement. Sony swapped them over for me for free. for referbished models Still got a 60Gb running.

    • We’ve got three PS3s now, had the BR go in my launch model but apart from that all good.

  5. That is Fantastic. A great achievement I must say.
    My Phat is doing great aswell as the 320Gb Slim too!

  6. Wonderbook is £17 in HMV, almost grabbed it.

    • :O *runs to HMV*

      • I’ve been really tempted too and I really don’t like Harry Potter.

        Diggs Nightcrawler is one of my must haves for 2013 and I can’t wait to see what Disney do.

  7. Glad to hear. Out of the three consoles the PS3 has been the most consistent (well, ignoring the first few months of its lifecycle of course). A cracking console with some awesome games, its just a shame the online service lets it down so much.

  8. It’s incredible to see how much of an important role Europe plays, yet they usually treat the american market better than our own.

  9. And yet they still treat the EU market like crap. Surely having two markets covered is better then having 1 where you are losing, 1 where most users hate you and then there is the Japanese market. Focus on the EU and JPN Sony as MS have pretty much got America covered plus, it doesn’t help that SCEE is just crap at what they do thus affecting your sales and could cause the PS4 to die as customers depise shit service.

    My 80GB phat is still going and i suspect it will be with me untill i ditch it for a younger and healthy PS4 or it leaves me for thinking about cheating on it.

  10. That’s excellent, I bought the launch 60GB on release, I’ve had 2 more 60GB since, from repair jobs and a friend sold me his one for £20 which i repaired, sadly they all died numerous times, so I’ve recently bought the new 500GB slim. I would still buy an original 60GB phat if anyone wants to sell me theirs, purely for nostalgic reasons to be honest

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