Friday Fun Missing Letters Quiz #4

This is our final little quiz before we tally the results and send someone some lovely PSN credit. So it’s all to play for if you’re near the top of our mini league and if you’re not, don’t worry, you can still win bragging rights by getting a good score this week.

I’ll come back on Monday (Christmas Eve!) to tell you how you did and announce our winner. We might do something similar, with a little more organisation, in the new year too. Let me know if you’re enjoying our quizzes and I’ll beg our resident quizmaster, Lewis, to come up with something more devilish for you all to twist your melons around in 2013.

Oh, and Lewis has been particularly devious/hilarious with that final question. I’ve known about it for two days and it still makes me giggle. Good luck!

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  1. Still think Lewis is hilarious for that last one.

  2. will attempt this when i get back from the pub!

  3. Got my answers in, that looked insanely hard but was easier than I had anticipated.
    I’m very confident of 9, I bet you can guess which one I’m not overly sure about though ;-)

    • I’ve read the answers in my email and I still can’t work out half of them.

  4. Just stuck on one last one now, got these relatively quickly compared to my usual efforts!

    • All done now! Time for a nap at my desk!

    • Did you find that the longer ones that look insanely difficult are, paradoxically, much easier

      • Yeah! I guess its cos there are more letters there to help you. I enjoyed this one, would love more in 2013 and am quite happy with the missing letters quiz, im crap at the pictures ones!

  5. I’ve only just realised that this quiz exists… So I am in favour of a new one in the New Year!

    • same here, also whats the walking dead thing about?

  6. Love these quizzes, so keep them coming in the New Year! That last question is evil, but I appreciate the comedy value.

  7. Pretty sure I’ve got them all bar the last one, Lewis you evil person!

    Love these quizzes as well, looking forward to seeing even more of them!

  8. done ha now i’m back from the pub!
    cheers boys merry christmas

  9. Did we find out the scores to this? Just looked through the archives to see if I’d missed it and couldn’t see a thing.

    • Don’t think so, I’ve been checking too to see if they were posted, I’m guessing the results just been delayed a bit due to the Christmas rush

      • Good, not just me being blind then!

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