New GTA V Screenshots Show It’s Never Time To Get Back Into The Water

Grand Theft Auto V, out next Spring, looks set to the be the last big multi-format game of this generation. There’ll be others, of course, and your usual annual releases will still target the PS3 and Xbox 360, but in terms of something new and exciting for your current machines, this is likely to be it.

And these new screens, released on Rockstar’s Facebook page, show that work is going grand on the game. The first one shows that it won’t be safe in the waters for the first time around (or at least since you could swim in the series) and others show pets, underwater subs, jet planes and moody lighting. I’m hoping for Guinea Pigs and skateboards, but that might be pushing it.


gta v sharks

Have to say, I’m really, really looking forward to this, and those water shots look great, despite my fear of being submerged. If anyone can close off a generation with a game that everyone will be talking about for months, it’ll be Rockstar.



  1. That’s just a dinky wee thing, I could take that in a square go ;-)

  2. Ooh that cockpit has a definite passenger plane look to it. Hopefully it won’t just be fighter jets we get to control. That blimp maybe?

  3. It is starting to look mighty impressive I’ll give them that. Huge ambition and if the whole map is traversible (if that’s a word?) by land air and sea that’s bigger than previous games by 3 x 3 x 3 or something like that. Let’s not hope it’s too po faced and if the free roaming aspect is half as much fun as just cause 2 you can count me well and truly in! Only thin they need now is a full underwater city Atlantis style but that could be a little optimistic. Or dlc!

  4. Stunning shots. Nothing in-game but the ambition is through the blood roof! :-)

  5. Wow, they’re looking pretty gorgeous. I have pre-ordered it already from Blockbuster as I get a free poster for it.

  6. Nice to see a mixture of planes, looks like an F-18, some sort of commercial passenger plane and a blimp in the background. I just hope you can fly all of them and they aren’t just AI! The sub looks pretty cool too.
    Still hoping R* announce it for PC.

  7. cant wait

  8. I think The Last Of Us should try to get out 1 month ahead of this or they could suffer in sales cus once gta hits FORGET IT!

  9. i thought this game couldnt get any better and theyve included sharks. love sharks. cant wait to be eaten by one.

  10. If the sharks are as scary as they are in Far Cry 3 then I’m sticking to dry land.

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