New PlayStation Plus Deals Revealed By PSN Store Exploit

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work out best, as American PlayStation owners curious to know what’s coming next to PlayStation Plus need only change the date on their PS3 to find the PSN Store all updated and ready to go.

It’s emerged, via this hardly nefarious method, that NBA Jam On Fire Edition will be available across the pond, alongside Chronovolt. The Store also indicates that there’ll be a 50% discount on Deus EX Human Revolution, Sound Shapes, Bulletstorm and Skull Girls.


Cute, eh? At least the visuals, prices and deals are already in place, so that anyone who thinks Sony just wing these things at the very last minute have egg all over their face. All over.

Apparently if you change the date to May you can download The Last Of Us, too.




  1. Changed the date to August 2014 on mine AND GUESS WHAT! We DO get CounterStrike!

    • Ha! Winner.

    • Well I changed the date on my PS3 to 2004 and it could play PS2 games :P

    • come on lady’s, come on lady’s, 1 pound fish!

  2. i changed the date on my ps3 to September 2013 and guess what it turned into?
    a shiny Xbox 720…
    whooo hoo

    • Insert a PS3 disc in to the new Xbox and it will automatically self destruct in 10 seconds :P

      • I changed the date on my PS3 to 6/6/6 and it tried to kill me!

  3. That’s just weird. I would’ve thought PS store has its own time rather than rely upon the PS3’s. Something fishy, or is Sony thick?


    • yeah that is pretty weird, i guess they have it set to post the store updates at a set time and date, maybe scee could learn a lesson there, having content ready beforehand instead of doing everything at the last bloody second, and invariably making an absolute mess of it.


      anyway, it seems strange that the update would appear based on the date set on the users machine rather than read what the time at date is for the server and go off that.

    • If I remember right they do this when the store update is set to go live over a holiday. Since tuesday is Jan. 1st everyone is too hung-over( or still drunk) to work.

    • The reason to do it the way Sony have done is responsiveness. Polling a computer across a network for the time is much slower (and unpredictably slower) than polling the system clock for the time. It is also much more efficient to do one big network transfer than lots of small ones. So it kind of makes sense that the store would send all available information to the client in one go and let the client sort out what to show. That way the client doesn’t have to keep asking the store if there is new content as time passes during a session.

      The problem is trusting the client when the user can alter the clock. The store should probably update the system clock when the client connects (there is already an option to automatically set the clock each time you connect to the PSN).

  4. Haha

  5. I’m afraid even a DeLorean wouldn’t be enough to bring The Last Guardian back from the future.

  6. I changed the date on my ps3 to December 2013 and i could stream PS4 game Gran Turismo 6 via the cloud

  7. jeez the only thing i know that uses the cloud is!

    Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

  8. bum hols’
    its supposed to be a picture of monkey on his cloud!

  9. lol nice one Alex.

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