Game of the Year 2012 – Shooter


Our Shooter Game of the Year 2012 is Far Cry 3 from Ubisoft. This large, vibrant open world gave us so much to do, aside from the more linear story missions, that it is hardly surprising that it managed to firmly cement itself in our minds during voting.

Whether you were stalking wildlife with a bow, clearing outposts with a machete or blowing stuff up with an RPG and bundles of C4, Far Cry 3 seemed to give you countless little stories of your own that were totally unscripted and completely beguiling. A few hours with this game, just getting along in the world, is enough to generate at least one – and often several – hilarious stories about animal attacks, burning grasslands or other such hazards from which you made a daring escape (or not).


Let’s not forget about another engaging open world though – Borderlands 2 placed second in our poll. The combination of solid shooting, a huge world, RPG levelling mechanics and a really interesting, amusing antagonist made Borderlands 2 a pleasure from start to finish. Perhaps it was that sense of unabashed joy that led to it pipping shooter heavyweights Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II into third and fourth places respectively. Spec Ops: The Line was something of an unexpected pleasure this year too, so it’s nice to see it grabbing fifth place.

Here’s our top five in chart form.

And here’s the full table showing every game that received at least one vote from us.

  1. Far Cry 3
  2. Borderlands 2
  3. Halo 4
  4. Black Ops II
  5. Spec Ops: The Line
  6. Max Payne 3
  7. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  8. PlanetSide 2
  9. Starhawk
  10. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
  11. Hotline Miami
  12. The Darkness II


  1. Borderlands for me. Far Cry is quite buggy and finding it hard to get into….. but i will persevere!

  2. Worthy winner although I have yet to pick up Borderlands (this makes me sad).

    Far Cry is the only game thats ever made me change my mind about an entire species.

    I used to like sharks. Now they are fucking terrifying.

  3. Borderlands is more RPG than all out Shooter. Farcry 3 is a worthy winner lots more to do than the tepid Halo / Cod – but i’m biased towards Single player :)

  4. I’ve only played Far Cry 3 out of that top 12. Have to say it’s fantastic. As you say there are so many encounters with animals and the like, it’s incredible and funny most of the time!

    • I found it particularly “funny” when I first encountered a croc.
      Having blown up an enemy camp, I ran to the pier and dived into the flowing river to escape the enclosing enemy forces. Chuffed as can be with myself and then a huge ass crocodile grabbed me!! Proper shat myself lol

      • Haha! The random encounters really do make the game. I’ve had a tiger take out an entire enemy outpost for me and then it nearly took myself out.

      • My bro & I, literally jumped on my first croc encounter.
        I had no heads up they were in the game:) A worthy winner.

      • I spotted a croc and as I lined up my shot, eager to avoid a nasty up close fight with him, a tiger jumped on me and ate my face.

  5. No Sleeping Dogs???

    • I wouldn;t class that as a shooter. More Action adventure.

  6. I love that Spec Ops: The Line makes it to top 5, as the story in this game, is beyond every other shooter for years.

  7. I only own two of these (on Steam).

    Only just got Spec Ops, haven’t played it yet.

    I got Counter Striker Go on release, it’s decent, but nothing special. I don’t go back to it often.

  8. i am not much for shooters but what i have seen and heard then far cry 3 is a worthy winner and Borderlands 2 a worthy runner-up! =D

  9. Far Cry is amazing on PC, and I’ve only played a few hours of it! Borderlands 2 is also an awesome game, both games are worthy of their places.

  10. Such a worthy winner, Far Cry 3 is my game of the year (although there’s some big ones I’ve missed out this year).

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