Is This Sony’s Evolution Gearing Up For Next Gen?

In a day or so it’ll be 2013, and that’s the year we’re all expecting to see confirmation of PlayStation 4 and whatever Microsoft are working on next. Four new job postings (issued just before Christmas, in fact) suggest that Evolution, Sony’s Runcorn-based first party, are hiring for something pretty big for next generation.

The four roles all concentrate on C++, and are focused on graphics and tech, game programming, general optimisation and online. There are few clues as to what the positions are actually aiming at in terms of games, but it’s a fairly substantial boost to the studio.


The roles are looking for experience with GPUs and multi-processor environments. That doesn’t really mean a great deal, but the general overview is that these positions are for tools rather than a specific game – at least that’s the impression I got from the general overviews – “highly accessible game systems and features” – for example.

Someone with more knowledge on how the PS3 works might be able to establish whether these posts are for this gen or next better than I, but I’m edging towards this being for some in-house middleware, or something similar. Of course, knowing that Evolution might be working on the next MotorStorm (or even WipEout) would be wonderful…



  1. ” Investigating, applying and championing relevant emerging technologies.” Doesn’t sound like PS3 talk to me, considering the progression of technology on the platform is pretty much done.
    Do you think we might get a next-gen Motorstorm that looks close to the original E3 CGI trailer?!

    • Those are software jobs and you’re reading too much between the lines. “Emerging technologies” might refer to new programmation and development technics, which very much apply to any generation of hardware.

  2. Hopefully next gen Wipeout.. Can’t care less about Motorstorm however.

  3. i’d be surprised if they’re not at least preparing for developing on PS4, if not already in the planning stages of a new title for it.

  4. new motorstorm or WipEout would be awesome indeed!!

    let’s see what 2013 has in store!
    Bring it on 2013!!!! =D

  5. Ok

  6. Yay lvl 4

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