Sony Pulls UNO As Yet Another PSN Game Is Used As Homebrew Exploit On Vita

The cat and mouse chase between hackers and Sony continues, as Gameloft’s PSP game UNO is the latest game to be pulled from the PlayStation Store by the platform holder under fears it’ll be used to circumvent security.

Ever since the Vita was released certain games have been used to exploit the Vita’s PSP mode and open up a walled garden homebrew element via (generally) overloaded save games. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody’s Tennis were the first, but it’s now a fairly regular occurrence.


High profile games such as the two above have, in the past, been patched and re-instated. UNO’s rather more niche though, but hopefully this won’t result in the developer losing out.

It took Sony three days, according to sites familiar with the matter, to remove the game, which was no doubt a result of the Christmas and New Year break. Previous titles like Urbanix and Mad Blocker Alpha were removed almost immediately.

Just Add Water’s Gravity Crash Portable was also one of the games that recently provided an (albeit temporary) exploit path.



  1. Uuuunhooo *game over*

  2. I wonder if Sony has a team checking out all the games, or if they just wait till hackers find the exploits and then take the game out. If the exploits are similar, they may well not be, then a firmware patch seems a much better solution.

    • Even if they have a team checking I still most exploits will be found by hackers.

  3. The more Sony lock down, the harder and quicker the hackers chase.
    Like you say above, its a cat and mouse chase, and everyone knows Jerry always gets the best of Tom in the end

  4. I don’t get what the bloody problem is with these hackers. Sony create PS vita, it uses what it uses, it plays games, that’s that. I accept it along thousands of others so for the love of common sense these hackers should just get a life.

    I own my Vita but I DO NOT own the design. I purchased it knowing what I would get and accepting IT.

    • I actually prefer paying for games on my Sony consoles. Not only because I value the game more and thus am more likely to play it, but also because Sony is being quite awesome with discounts and Plus content.
      Wishing extremely knowledgeable people would “get a life”? Are we jealous or just drunk? Hacking isn’t necessarily about piracy. There are many sides to this, one could even argue that PSN doesn’t carry every PSP game so they would need such an exploit to play, say, the awesomeness called C.R.U.S.H.

      • There is no doubt these hackers are knowledgeable, but I think it is a terrible waste of matter to persistently try to hack a console just so they can use their own firmware and do want they want with the device. Anything someone cannot do on the Vita can be done on the PC or other device.

        If these hackers are so intelligent and knowledgeable then why don’t they use that intelligence to create things and introduce them properly rather than create them and infringe upon people’s hard work and ideas. Who are they to dictate what the Vita should be, they did not create it and they have no right to say the Vita should play this game and should play that game. When I buy a device I do so knowing its capability and if Sony are against this infringement (which is fair enough) then why should I be against them.

        Sony are outright annoying sometimes but I don’t see the need for hacking. I requested to the blog manager that VC2 psp should be compatible with Vita and it now is just after a few weeks. Hacking is about hacking, it’s infringing and as I say, it’s such a waste of skill. If people want to do it then fine. But the topic keeps constantly popping up and then mass hacking attacks against all sorts of websites and services just show some of it up as stupid playground bitching.

    • You’re right about your reasons, all I’m saying is it’s such a huge subject that I’m sure they have reasons of their own to pursue it. Even if it’s just to piss these companies off, it is a reason. I don’t think it will ever stop though, unless everything goes open source. Also, some people are seriously addicted to homebrew and emulators by now and I guess find it hard to do without.

  5. Bloody hackers! Even if their motives are decent, they always end up hurting the rest of us.

  6. So to everyone who is going off on one about how hackers shouldnt do this and shouldnt do that can you tell me how have any of these exploits really affected you ?

    I dont mean your opinion, I mean how as this directly affected you ? I would wager that it hasnt made the slightest difference to you using your Vita and I assume it hasn’t caused you any delays in any of your game playing.

    None of the exploits on the Vita allow you to run pirated Vita games, what It does allow though, is that you can homebrew and emulators and also psp games that havent been drip fed to us by sony as playable on the Vita. It will also allow someone with original UMD discs to rip them on their psp and transfer to memory card to play on their Vita without having to pay again for a game they already physically own.

    You dont want to do that ? then fine go about your day to day life, wait to be told when a PSP game will work on your new hardware, Pay for the same game you already own on UMD again. Thats your choice. As is the choice of someone who wants to exploit their machine to do so. They paid their money as you paid yours end of story.

    • We are negatively affected in at least two ways. First, we end up paying for security measures like the proprietary memory cards. Second good devs stop making games because they don’t believe they will make a reasonable return.

      • Didnt you read the part where i said that this hack will not run any pirated Vita games ?? so how will this stop devs releasing games when pirate versions cannot be booted.

        Secondly, proprietary memory cards where introduced to rip off the public, plain and simple.

      • There are several ways this hack can lead to devs giving up on platform. First, this hack could lead to other hacks that allow piracy of Vita games. Second, even if your game can’t be pirated, competing with pirated games for someone’s time and money is only going to decrease your chances of making a reasonable return. Given the choice of platform is made years or months before release even the perception of increased piracy could turn a dev off a particular platform.

        Wrt to the memory cards, Sony is on record as stating the reasons for proprietary memory cards includes security. Even if this isn’t the case my point still stands. The cost of securing the system is passed on to customer. We pay more because other people can’t be trusted.

      • So the 360 was hacked many years ago purely to run copied games, not homebrew or older games and devs didnt abandon it, the ps3 was hacked 2 + years ago and devs didnt abandon it. Yes I’ll agree the PSP died young but wether that was down to piracy alone is unknown.

        As for sony saying their vita proprietary memory cards was down to security i can agree with that to an extent, But was also a nice excuse to overcharge and increase their profit margins, the cost of vita memory cards is ridiculous.

        I’m not saying its right or wrong to hack what you own but to start shouting from the rooftops that they are evil and have ruined it for everyone is a little narrow minded. All I wanted to do was give another view and get a bit of a debate going.

        I thank you for your views, Thats why i like this site as we can have a mature discussion. Either way the best we can do is agree to disagree on this one :)

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