PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Likely To Cost £2 Each

The first batch of DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is apparently free, and it’ll include – as everyone knows – Kat from Gravity Rush, Graves from Starhawk and a WipEout-esque battle arena.

After that, though, it’s widely expected that DLC won’t be quite so generously priced, although up until today we’ve had no idea how much that future DLC might cost.


Now though, thanks to one keen eyed forum poster, it looks like we have a rough figure: £2, or $3.

The news comes from Sony’s own ‘PlayStation Ultimate Matchup‘ site, which is some kind of Facebook-based competition. The rules page of said site lists the value of certain possible prizes, including one “PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Pack digital voucher” which has a value of “$3”.

Comprehensive? Locked down? Confirmed? Hardly. But it does give us an idea – the DLC Pack (whatever that might be) will cost $3 if it’s not won. About two quid, then.

It’s likely that each batch of DLC will include two characters and a map

Developers Superbot were recently hiring for something that looked just like a sequel to Battle Royale, which is encouraging to see after relatively poor sales for the first game in the UK and elsewhere. The game is actually rather good, and scored 9/10 here on TSA.



  1. £2, not too bad. Depends on perception of value in terms of the characters; I’d probably pay that if a pack included Crash, but then again each little £2 adds up to a lot in the end.

  2. I got this for xmas on PS3 but been playing it mainly on the Vita awesome game anyone who hasnt got it yet definatly reccomend plus Game has it for £17.99 at the moment which is ideal for 2 versions of the game.

  3. £2 is not back at all. I’d gladly pay that for new characters or stages for game. Anything that keeps me playing it can only be good.

  4. Is there some reason why that dlc prize couldn’t be referring to the existing 4 character alternate costume packs?

    I am thinking you may be reading too much into this one.

  5. The Kat and Graves DLC is only free for the first two weeks of release though, might this just apply to that DLC after the first 2 weeks?

    Are they even going to continue making DLC? It’s a great game and I love it, but it didn’t exactly set the charts on fire, did it?

    Could just be these two characters, the pre-order DLC and the Heavenly Sword/Wipeout arena, but I hope there’s more on the way.

  6. I’ll just wait for the GOTY Ultimate Edition :-p

  7. have no problem paying £2.

  8. Happily gobble up £2 a character – as long as its not costumes and they are proper characters.

  9. I just want Crash Bandicoot really(& maybe SNAKE & Lara to i suppose) :P

  10. Depending on the content it could be a decent price. A map, tis a decent price considering most map packs sell for £5+, 2-4 characters again a decent price. Most likely a map pack with a few new characters and outfits. I miss the days where outfits could be unlocked instead of having to buy them.

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