Blur Worked On Dead Rising 3 – Possible Next Gen Release

Blur Studio, the animation company based in California behind some of recent gaming’s biggest trailer campaigns and animations, have worked on something for Capcom’s Dead Rising 3, according to LinkedIn profiles discovered today.

Picked up on Twitter, the profiles [1, 2, 3] all point to an unreleased ‘cinematic’ for the unannounced game, which is presumably still very much in the same zombie-bashing genre.


Blur previously worked on cinematics for Dead Rising 2, Brink, BioShock 2, Far Cry 3 and Dishonored. It’s expected that Dead Rising 3 will appear on next generation machines like PS4 and Xbox 720, which are both widely assumed to be arriving this calendar year.



  1. The 1st game was 1 of the 1st games i bought for my 360, lot of great scores doing the rounds, plus it looked superb, and hello? it’s Capcom+Zombies, ergo…it must be bloody amazing…right?.

    Opening level was superb, taking photo’s of the utter carnage unfolding, but once game proper started…ohhh fuuucccccccc…..

    It’s PS2 State Of Emergency, but on 360, with zombies, but with awful save system and who, i say again who, in their right mind imposes a strict time limit in a sandbox game?.

    So, never bothered with 2nd or spin offs or what not.

    Would’nt be at all surprised to see a 3rd appear on next gen:Hardware would allow for even more zombies etc on screen, plus DLC and micro-transactions, plus it’d have to have an online mode, co-op, lens flare etc, just be a list of tick boxes i’d wager, knowing Capcoms latest output….

    • It’s Capcom so expect content that is locked on the disc on release – later to be served up as DLC. Also expect them to lie about what is in their game in their game manuals, and probably a lot of other dirty corrupt business practices.

  2. I haven’t been this excited since the alarm went off for work this morning .. :/

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