Razer Announces New Gaming Tablet Called “Edge”

It seems that the handheld market is attracting all the attention at the moment. Following in nVidia’s footsteps, Razer has announced the Edge gaming tablet, which is designed to give a full PC gaming experience while on the move. It will also be using Windows 8 as an operating system.


The technical specs for the base model are pretty impressive, with a 64GB SSD, 4GB RAM, Intel i5 processor running at 1.7Ghz, though according to the product page there is a turbo mode pushing that up to 2.6Ghz. The tablet will also use the nVidia GeForce 1Gb GT 640M graphics card. The screen will be 10.1 inches and high definition.

The Pro model will have an Intel i7 processor at 1.9Ghz though can be pushed to 3 Ghz, 8GB RAM, the option of either 128GB or 256 GB SSD, nVidia GeForce 2Gb Gt 640M graphics card.

Razer are advertising this as a tablet; a PC because you can attach a keyboard to it; a home console as you can use controllers for it and a handheld as there is an attachment which adds a pad to the tablet, making it look similar to the Wii U GamePad.

However, this isn’t a cheap bit of kit with the basic version currently being priced at $999, while the Pro version is being priced at $1299.99. The attachments themselves are priced similarly to something like the Vita. The Gamepad attachment is $249.99, the keyboard dock is $199.99 and the normal docking station is $99.99.

However, those prices don’t include either the VAT (or sales tax) or shipping costs, and currently it’s only going to be released in the US. Honestly, at those prices I can’t see this having major success, and probably prices itself right out of the market. So, an interesting idea that’s unaffordable for most.

Source: Razer



  1. And it’s a Razer, so it will break down after two weeks and not work like promised, out of the box.

  2. Oh god, that looks like exactly something I’d want.

    $1300? Er, nope. And those accessory prices can eff right off, too.

    It’s actually quite disappointing to see something that looks really desirable (to me, at least) and then find it prohibitively priced like that. I’ve been very keen to see the proper Microsoft Surface tablet (rather than the useless Windows RT one that’s already out) but the focus towards gaming in this would have been really tempting for me, especially since the Microsoft keyboard add-ons for the RT surface tablet were, apparently, awful.

  3. Very desirable device. Truly off-putting pricing structure.

  4. Its great they have managed to pack that much kit in something that size but it is ugly as sin.

  5. How many are they planning on selling? 2.. maybe 3?

  6. Really impressive specs at a really steep price. Much like the Nvidia thing, my problem with this is support from developers, I’m guessing there won’t be many games optimised for this thing, and you’d be better off playing them on a PC.

    • How come? This is basically a regular PC squeezed into a tablet. It will be compatible with every game, just like any other Windows 8 PC. You can probably pair any Bluetooth mouse and keyboard or controller to it and start playing. No need to optimize anything from the dev side.
      Not saying I like the concept, but technically, there is nothing standing in your way.

  7. The base model has very similar specs as my laptop which doesn’t really have enough gas to do last years games justice, maybe that GT640M makes all the difference. The price of both models is high, but seems a bit better value than the Surface, presumably you can get Steam on Windows 8?

  8. Specs are impressive but at that price I don’t think so.
    You could probably buy a PS4 and a Vita (or Nvidia Shield) for that.

  9. So a tablet with 2 move controllers taped onto the sides eh :)

  10. One of those “If I win the lotto…” gizmos.

    Too expensive.

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