Why, Despite What You’ve Read, There Won’t Be A PS4 Reveal Next Month

Sony won’t be revealing the PlayStation 4 next month. That, as you might be thinking, is a thought flying in the face of several stories over the last day or so that suggest otherwise. But let’s be honest, there’s almost zero chance of Sony showcasing their next big console at a press-free, invite only retail event.

I read with some disbelief yesterday the various stories appearing on the internet as writers picked up on Destination PlayStation, an event held in the States to court and advise retail partners on what Sony as a platform holder and publisher are up to this year. It’s an annual thing, and it’s rarely anything to get excited about.

It’s also actually something that was discovered at the end of last year – something I noticed on New Year’s Eve (and already wrote off in terms of a PS4 reveal) but that’s another post entirely.

That anyone would think – and I’m talking several industry writers of some years and respect here – that Sony would use Destination PlayStation to reveal the PS4 beggars belief. They won’t. They might – as is no doubt the case at CES just now – show it behind very closed doors to very select individuals and investors, but it’s not going to be a big reveal. For starters, nobody’s watching – press aren’t invited – and secondly Sony have far too much going on with the PS3 to be distracting any attention away from the current generation.

God Of War Ascension, Beyond, The Last Of Us, they’re all still coming to the PS3 and they’re all potentially massive. Sony won’t want to persuade any gamer to be thinking about the next generation until those games are out, which is why the more reasoned thinking is a pre-E3 event makes the most sense, and is the way I’m leaning just now.

PlayStation Lifestyle’s Sebastian Moss agrees, and is equally frustrated with the way certain outlets ran stories yesterday. “‘Report’ is a lovely word for journalists,” he said. “It’s basically used the same way as ‘rumor’, but it sounds more credible, leading to more ever-important clicks due to the power of a misleading title,” picking up on the way both Develop and MCV ran with similarly styled headlines, despite sourcing the same source, a certain “Expert Reviews”.

A source that has since removed the story, you’ll note.

I’d like to think that somewhere in February or March the major retailers will be briefed, at least in principle, on upcoming hardware. Sony need to secure shelf space and it’s hardly a stretch to assume that reps will be indicated potential launch windows, number of titles, pricing and so on. But a full reveal? No, not a chance, and to speculate otherwise with big headlines seems ridiculous.

And, yet, to verify all this we did the unthinkable: we asked Sony. What did they say? “We don’t comment on rumour or speculation,” came the reply, understandable, but hardly concrete. I should have asked them whether they comment on “reports” instead…



  1. Like you said, there is generation fatigue and any hint of something and all crappy sites jump on the bandwagon to get those hits. It’s a bit of a joke really.

  2. However, Sony are backward enough to completely scupper their own releases by revealing a new console…

  3. there won’t be a public reveal, but i bet stuff leaks out.

    you know sony and keeping stuff secret. ^_^

    • Yeah, if there was going to be a reveal we’d know all about it already ;)

  4. I’m not exactly sitting on the edge of my chair for PS4 or new Xbox. It comes when it comes with or without bells and whistles. Just wait and see.

    • Yep. Couldn’t care less. So what if my PC is twice the power of my PS3. Good games exist on all. Sony can reveal stuff and win me over when they’re good and ready. I’m glad it’s about more than the hardware… sometimes.

    • Although I’ll buy a PS4 as soon as, I’m quite happy to stick with the PS3 for a while longer.
      For me it’s not all about how powerful a system is and how good a game looks, it’s how good the games are to play. The Supercar V8 series were some of the best for racing and track change due to weather yet the graphics were miles behind GT5.

    • I’m the same. Don’t know anyone who’s itching for a successor to PS3 (or 360) and I’m more than happy with my own system.

  5. The PS3 is currently in it’s prime so announcing the PS4 would affect it as a large majority of people would buy the PS4 depending on the launch line up and developers would abandon it.

    Personally, i don’t care how powerful the PS4 will be as long as there are excellent games available.

    • The hardware isn’t but the software sales probably are. It’s a situation where every console manufacturer has to get the balance right for when it’s time to introduce the world to their new baby. Sony’s time is coming soon. I can smell the talc and nappies!

      • I suspect they will put on the Barry White music in the next two years and concieve the PS4. But at the moment, the PS3 is still in it’s prime so i suspect they will allow it another 2 years before they announce the PS4 as well as to give developers more time to get used to the PS4’s hardware as i think at the begining of the PS3’s life, a lot of developers complained that the PS3 was a nightmare to work with.

      • Id say expecting an announcement in 2 years time is bonkers! This is a console that’s been out since 2007, that has gone past it’s prime now. If they wait 2 years for an announcement then your mobile phone will be playing more advanced games than the Ps3 and that’s when more and more people start leaving the console market and moving solely to PC.

  6. I am torn this time between knowing everything about the PS4 and knowing nothing except it is on the way. Much like being a child at xmas; the temptation and impatience nagging at you to raid all the hiding spots in the house to quench the thirst of knowing what you’ll be opening on the day. But if memory serves me correctly, which is calling on many years back now, nothing beats the excitement and anticipation of revealing all on the day.
    So I may deliberately avoid the topic of PS4 until E3 and then soak up all the fresh excitement there and then.

  7. Sony will have ours own event for the ps4 like they did for the vita two years ago. They were very good at maximizing column inches last year with early reveals before E3 and then holding games back for gamescon.

    Once we hit April there isn’t much on the Sony release schedule. Prefect time to for a console announcements

  8. Despite what I, as an 3rd generation console gamer think, SONY won’t wait much longer with the announcement of PS4, because else they would be eaten by competitors. What the world wants now is power, performance, graphics and facebook integration.

    The PS3 is a awesome console, in my opinion with greater potential than better graphics and fps.

  9. The one thing I won’t be doing this time is buying the 1st ‘Next Gen’ console that’s released. Sony or Xbox, I’ll be waiting until the dust has settled and look at which one is best for me. Sony, I hope it’s you as I’ve been a PlayStation supporter since the PS1 was released but unfortunately my disappointment with Vita has left me a little worried about the next Sony console.

    • Why are you disappointed with the Vita? Except for the sales, I’m loving everything about it. Well, maybe CoD could’ve been a better game.

      • Mine’s just gathering dust, even though I have around 5 games that I have barely touched after buying them during a sale… I’m not even sure what the problem is…

  10. I’m surprised Sony even responds to rumour and speculation at all, even that little statement that’s always given.

    Personally i think i’m more interested to see how the PS4 is priced. People are still very aware of their money and i think maybe a subscription based PlayStation is on the cards, in addition to the standard PlayStation.

    Subscriptions are popular now.

    It could be like Sky (hmm). Basic model is fairly cheap per month but you can attach further services like PS+ or that new TV service. PSN is still free.

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