“Life of Pixel” Developers Stall Two Other Vita Projects As Cash Runs Out

Interesting retro-themed platformer, Life of Pixel, is out today for PlayStation Mobile. You play the role of a bored pixel working his way through a series of games on historic machines in a videogame museum he’s found. The £1.59 price will hopefully mean plenty of sales for the developer, Super Icon.

Unfortunately, two other projects that Super Icon were working on for Vita – Pub Games and VTrax – have been put on hold as the developer hasn’t got the funding to continue. In fact, it appears that their two-man team has poured a little too much of themselves into these projects, with wages unpaid and possible evictions on the cards. Indie development can be incredibly hard and unforgiving.


In a post on their website, they’ve talked a bit about how far along the two projects were (around Alpha stage) and how the development process went, citing a lack of morale because of the fairly negative media response to unfavourable sales of the machine itself as a cause for concern.

In the cold light of day, for us to develop and self-publish two Vita titles without any extra funding was just too large an undertaking. If the option had been there I’d like to think we would have released a couple of smaller Vita titles by now, but when we initially began the Sony IPA requirements were much more severe than they are now so we got a little carried away and promised more than we could realistically deliver.

Perhaps this explains why they’ve released a PlayStation Mobile game and also why they’re now choosing to investigate platforms like iOS and Android but with two games so close to completion for Vita, it seems a shame that they can’t find a way to kick on and get them out.


There are a couple of slideshows on the original post that show just how “finished” the games are so hopefully the developers will find a way to secure the investment needed to get them out.



  1. I hope the PSM game gets them some money and I hope they find support. It is always great to see new projects and developers.

    I guess it just goes to show there are always projects we don’t know about for consoles, I certainly never knew about these ones.

  2. Kickstarter anyone?

    • They said they felt a PSVita kickstarter wouldn’t garner much interest/money

  3. It would help if Sony expanded the countries PS Mobile is available in.

  4. Ah, this is such a shame. It also makes perfect sense. They’re being as hopeful as can be but indie development on a platform that simply isn’t selling well is a hard trick to pull off.

    I don’t know how tricky it is to code for the Vita (over the likes of an iPhone) but ultimately they have to look at their costs and how much they can get back. That’s gone tits-up and now things are getting very prickly for them. Bugger. Why? As these are exactly the type of unique IPs the Vita needs as I know a few friends who’ve told me that it has the “usual games on it”, “many I can play on the PS3 I have”, “so what’s the point in buying one?”.

    I appreciate Golden Abyss, for example, is a different game but it’s the fact that it’s another Uncharted game. The franchise variety is stifling to say the least.

    Best of luck to them for the current predicament and whatever they develop in the future.

    • I think this just about sums up my thoughts too. These types of games are one of the things the Vita really needs to give it a nice spread of diversity. It’s a real shame that there’s not more help available for tiny independents who add so much to Sony’s platforms.

      In the end, it’ll just be another creative stream that walks away to mobile development and never has the chance to grow and make the next big blockbuster Sony franchise a few years down the line.

      Heartbreaking when you consider how much Sony must have splurged on forcing through that Black Ops abomination.

  5. I just hope PSMobile becomes available in my country before the console makes 1 year in my hands. But I know it won’t happen.

  6. Sweet Jesus really? Is the Vita really doing that badly?
    That`s such a damn shame, from my limited handling of one it seems such a nice, powerful device.
    Seems the power of Phone/Tablet gaming these days really has sounded the death knell for these types of handhelds which is such a pity as however much i enjoy gaming on the iPad it`ll never be as satisfying as pushing a button or clicking a mouse.

    • As the game is only out today vita sales can’t have actually effected the game sales yet. It’s a developer that’s over committed, there aren’t many making much money on mobile platforms either so there are no certainty there either.

  7. Why Is it that still only a select few countries have PSMobile, whats actually the hold up on? Woud be nice to check it out here in Ireland?

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